Department of Business Economics

Faculty of Economics

For Elucidation of Global and Regional Level Economic Issues

The urgent task for the Japanese economy in mid-stream of structural reforms, deregulation, the market economy and globalization is to foster persons who can shoulder the execution of reforms in the private sector. Additionally, not only macroeconomic issues at the personal and national levels, but elucidation of a broad range of issues is also an important task on the global scale level broadly, or local community level narrowly. In the Department of Contemporary Business, we focus further on fostering two kinds of individuals; one is the person in charge of corporate management who utilizes all-round knowledge and skills of general judgment in response to such semi-macro needs, and the other, the person who possesses expert qualifications in support of corporations through mastery of high level expert knowledge--such as Certified Public Accountants.

Curricular Organization Aiming at Careers in Three Fields

The specific direction of the Department in fostering of persons interested in structural reform of the Japanese economy for who are avid about corporate management comprises the following three fields: 1) business professionals directly involved in corporate management such as entrepreneurs or managers, 2) research consultants and researchers in graduate schools who analyze economic data, corporations and industries and give expertise advice to corporate management, 3) persons of expert qualifications with expert knowledge of corporate accounting or taxation systems, etc. In addition, as for 1) above, we organize the curriculum and foster individuals on the assumption that they will be in the financial services industry, information service industry or global manufacturing corporations.

Parallel Setting of Basic Subjects of Economics and Interdisciplinary and International Subjects

In the Department, while drawing on the legacy of the existing departments in the Faculty of Economics, as a new department, there is especial emphasis on mastery of methods of corporate accounting analysis, business English and improvement of information processing skills. Additionally, in the Department, in order to make micro-corporations and semi-macro industry the targets of study, in addition to such basic subjects of economics as Public Finance, Money and Banking, Economic Theory of Labor Issues, Statistics, Introduction to Computers, and Programming for Business Use, broad subjects are actively incorporated for acquisition of interdisciplinary and international attainments covering topics directly linked to actual business, such as New Business, International Accounting Systems, etc.

Corporate Seminar for Experiencing and Assessing Career Development in Field

Corporations have recently been demanding practical knowledge and skills from new university graduates, and corporations are more and more actively accepting student internship as an introductory process for job search activities. Thus, in the Department, from the viewpoint of learning actual business, we are planning to adopt “Summer Internship” as a part of our seminars. Through internship, it is possible to gain actual experience in newly developing industries and new businesses.