Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Faculty of Engineering and Design

Keywords for Studies are Cities, Environment and Design

Up to now civil engineering technology consisted of technology and studies to plan, evaluate, construct, maintain and manage the facilities and systems that form the infrastructure of society, paying attention to the environment. For example, highways, railways, port facilities, underground spaces for subways and commercial facilities, water and sewer services system, large scale urban construction such as housing developments, creation of disaster prevention systems, preservation of safety of rivers and environmental, etc…civil engineering technology has been fulfilling the role of sustaining facilities and spaces closely related to life. At present, in addition to such preparation of social infrastructure, construction of a resource or energy recirculation type society, etc., is also an important mission. In response to such circumstances, in 2004, the Department changed its name to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and made a new start with the keywords of “cities, environment and design.” We also undergo evaluation by JABEE (Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education) and train engineers capable of making a contribution to society broadly and flexibly.

Three Specialized Fields in Response to Computerization and Internationalization

When the Department was renewed, the curriculum was also rewritten. For specialized education, we have established three types of program, Urban Planning, Environmental System and Facility Design, so that students can learn freely and systematically in accordance with their own concerns and interests. In addition to placing emphasis on field work in outstanding urban spaces, and visual learning in digital virtual spaces, we also focus efforts on fostering skills to cope with this era when computerization and internationalization are advancing--from design, research and analysis via computers, and, in addition, training in foreign languages, which has become more and more indispensable to the future of science and technology.

Creation of Skills for Discovery and Problem Solving and Presentation Skills

In the third-year specialized class seminars, training is conducted in small groups centering on daily topics in the fields of specialization of the respective instructors, and effort is made toward mastering presentation skills, including production of scientific language. In the fourth-year Graduation Research, respective students have their own topics and polish their solving problem skills, scientific thinking ability and communicative skills in one-on-one tutorials with instructors. Students can learn the process of building safe and reliable urban system, and the method of maintenance for sustainable urban system.