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In the 21st century, product manufacturing must be addressed from a multitude of perspectives, particularly from a long-term viewpoint that places human beings at the center.

Aesthetic appeal and ease of use are extremely important product features when one considers the user-friendly perspective in which the product's users are the primary focus.

In the Faculty of Engineering & Design, our goal is to promote development through education and research that contribute to "aesthetic engineering" through the fusion of engineering and aesthetics. In the new era, the design engineer will be a "Wholistic Designer" (a designer capable of integrating a multitude of elements) who possesses an aesthetic sensibility as well as knowledge of the humanities and social sciences, all of which complement the necessary in-depth knowledge of engineering.
The approach of the Faculty of Engineering & Design - which places human beings at the center and pursues sustainable technologies in harmony with society and the environment - can be characterized by the key phrase of Hosei University, "well being."
When providing an education in design on such a broad foundation, being located in a large city provides an overwhelming advantage.

Currently, the major cities of New York, Paris, London, and Milan bring together corporate design centers and planning development sections, and these entities are the source of a great number of the world's innovative ideas. Tokyo, as a leading design city, is every bit the equal of these centers.
By making use of the singular environment of Ichigaya in the center of Tokyo - a world-leading metropolis that fuses culture and civilization - we have made possible the emergence of the Wholistic Designer.

Architectural designers, industrial designers, and interior designers actively collaborate with numerous individuals at the forefront of their respective industries. In our curriculum, we incorporate opportunities for students to experience the work of top designers and learn new ways of thinking. Because our Design Studio is located in an urban core, we are able to attract a steady stream of top designers who are in high demand and offer workshop courses such as Project Workshops and Production or Architecture Forums.
Moreover, our collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities on the Ichigaya Campus is an important aspect of our study. It is clear that the fusion of science and the humanities will serve as a key to society's success in the future; we believe that the Ichigaya Campus, through its long history in the humanities and social sciences, holds an exceptional advantage in ensuring that students of science can receive an excellent education in these fields of study.

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