School of Correspondence Education

Undergraduate Programs

Nowadays when social demand for life-long learning is increasing, universities are responsible for satisfying the need for educational facilities open to society. Universities are increasingly called upon to satisfy current social demand for life-long learning, which has resulted in a need for educational facilities open to the general public.

Hosei University’s School of Correspondence Education, established in 1947, is well known as the pioneer of Japanese four-year correspondence schools providing formal education at the university level. Since its inception, it has been a leader in the concept of the “open university” for lifetime education.

The advantage of our Correspondence Education Program is that anyone can receive educational training from Hosei University anywhere and at any time. It provides a particularly good opportunity for those who live far away, or who, due to personal circumstances, are unable to come to the university to study.

At present the Faculty of Law, Letters and Economics provide the correspondence education courses in six departments. And in the half-century since its foundation, Hosei University Correspondence School has graduated over eighteen thousand people.

To provide a more balanced education and dispel feelings of isolation as correspondent students mainly study at home at their own pace, the university offers classroom “schooling ” (residency) in which the students must earn 30 units: one fourth of the total units fro graduation. This is carried out at various times throughout a year so that the students can choose which ever is most convenient. Over-the phone counsel is also available to students.