Department of Chemical Science and Technology

Faculty of Bioscience and Applied Chemistry

Program Outline

Modern society needs to move out of the 20th century modality, which was built on a foundation of mass production and mass consumption, and society overall must aim at continuous development. For this purpose, chemistry with low environmental impact, in other words, environmentally-safe manufacturing will be indispensable, and the concept of green chemistry (chemistry aiming at a sustainable society that is friendly to man and environment) is needed.

Moreover, the target of bioscience is substances, and living organisms maintain their mission by altering substances chemically inside their bodies. Living organisms obtain energy from the consumption of food taken from outside the body, and produce necessary substances to maintain homeostasis. It is very important to approach the chemical structure and function of these substances from the standpoint of basic chemistry. It is necessary to make use of knowledge of bioscience, based on an understanding of the excellent structure and function of the living body, to aim at development of new functional materials using chemical methods with low environmental impact and to create artificially live bodily functions. For these tasks expansion of new general and inter-disciplinary fields is needed, and Hosei University has established the Department of Chemical Science and Technology to respond to such needs of society.

In the Department of Chemical Science and Technology, Green Chemistry-related subjects have been determined as the fundamental subjects. Additionally by learning the basics of chemistry including organic, inorganic, physical and analytical chemistry, students can master the basic skills to deal with environmental issues, and then learn relationships between living forms and materials. In Green Chemistry-related subjects, students will learn with an emphasis on concepts of environmental harmony, such as impact on the natural world and living forms in the process of developing and producing chemical substances, energy conservation and recycling use of resources. Based on the basic principles of chemistry, students will learn chemistry considered as involvement with living forms, environment and substances. Moreover, education and research will be performed with respect to the following: new chemical solutions corresponding to environmental issues such as substance design for realization of minimum environmental loads, and materials development with motifs of low-environmental load functional materials, living form foundation materials and life functions. Through such specialized education and research, we fulfill the role and mission of chemistry for the tasks human beings must solve. We work at the creation and succession of knowledge and technologies involved in manufacturing and recycling processes for substances, resources and energy that preserve the earth environment and living forms, and we foster personnel equipped with these.

The primary courses are as follows:

  • Substances Creation Chemistry Course
  • Green Chemistry Course
  • Co-living Chemistry Engineering Course

Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Science