Faculty of Bioscience and Applied Chemistry

Undergraduate Programs

The earth on which we live is now in an environmental crisis due to the rapid increase of population and industrialization, etc. There are problems of food, environment and energy on a worldwide scale. As one method to solve such problems, there is a need for development of bioscience, which will be able to control various lives on earth through basic bioscience and applied bioscience. The former analyzes genomes, gene product proteins and others, and the latter includes research on botanical disease.

In addition, in order to realize co-existence among human beings, the environment and resources, it is an urgent matter to preserve environment by using methods of modern chemistry, to develop various new substances to promote new energy creation, and to establish applied technologies for it. The Faculty of Bioscience and Applied Chemistry has been newly set up to foster expert engineers and researchers to meet such needs of global society. The primary characteristics are as follows:

  1. Based on fundamental specialty subjects common to two departments, cross and inter-disciplinary education will be furnished.
  2. Four years of continuing care and education
  3. Practical experience learning with emphasis on experimentation and seminars
  4. Emphasis on career education
  5. Education for acquisition of various qualifications
  6. Liberal education for improvement of creativity
  7. Enriched subjects for fostering teachers



Faculty Members