Department of Community Development

Faculty of Social Policy and Administration

Aiming to cultivate social leaders for regional society in order to create social communities
Which realize the concept of "healthy and happy lifestyles = well-being"

Cultivating actual skills through a variety of on-site experience

Modern society faces a variety of issues and problems. Using the knowledge and skills acquired on the university campus in actual situations is the fastest method to make those knowledge and skills one's own. The Department of Community Development offers a wide variety of exercises and practical experience courses to suit the future paths of a variety of students.
Students are able to train in not only exercises and practical experience for obtaining government qualifications as social workers and mental health professionals, but can also train in exercises and practical experience for school social works, medical social workers, municipal employees, NPO employees, and private businesses in workplaces specialized for each of those fields in order to better clarify their future path.

Cultivating problem solving power through thorough small group instruction seminars

In this faculty 1st year students are always assigned to core exercises (seminars) and 2nd year and above students to specialized exercises (seminars). By carrying out small group instruction of less than 20 participants in core exercises and approximately 10 participants in specialized exercises detailed instruction can be carried out in accordance with the needs of individual students. Specialized exercises in particular allow students to select exercises based on their particular interests. By repeating discussions with the same classmates and instructors over 3 years, students are able to improve their thinking, discussion, research and presentation abilities.

Broadening future potential

Students can obtain government qualifications as as social workers and mental health professionals in this faculty. However the skills and knowledge learned in the department of community development do not end with just earning these qualifications. In addition to carrying out more specialized education such as a variety of on-site experience exercises, students can also receive a high level of specialized education through integrated education between undergraduate faculties and graduate schools through the graduate course in-school selection system (Major in social services).
In addition, the knowledge and skills gained in the Department of Community Development are highly valued by private sector businesses. The communication abilities and problem solving abilities acquired through experience training and small group instruction are highly sought after by private sector enterprises who are important partners in the creation of social communities.
We hope you broaden your own potential with the skills and knowledge learned in this department.