Department of Clinical Psychology

Faculty of Social Policy and Administration

Cultivating personnel who can contribute to the realization of "healthy and happy lifestyles=well-being"
through by psychological helping

Extensive study of clinical psychology reinforced with seminars

In the clinical psychology major students are able to acquire basic psychology knowledge through subjects such as "Introduction to Psychology", "Experiment in Psychology" and "Developmental Psychology" in addition to extensive study of "Clinical Psychology".
Psychology has a variety of fields, however the principal aim of this department is instilling students with the knowledge from actual clinical situations. As such the department has specialists (professors) from a variety of fields including counseling, psychological evaluation, community psychology, Morita therapy, naikan therapy and psychoanalysis to allow students to acquire and extensive knowledge of clinical psychology through a vital course structure based equally upon theory and actual practice.
This knowledge is strengthened through specialist seminars. All 2nd year students are assigned specialized exercises however this department also allows students to further deepen their understanding of clinical psychology and gain new points of view through exchange of individual questions and opinions in small group instruction.

Substantial clinical psychology training

Substantial clinical psychology training is provided for students wishing to become clinical psychologists or work in fields related to psychology. Specifically through visits and inspections of actual clinical psychology sites such as education counseling centers and hospitals as well as clinical psychology training in naikan therapy and encounter groups in addition to actual clinical psychology field experience in schools and truancy camps. Students are able to gain an understanding of the clinical psychology workplace by deepening their knowledge through direct interaction with children at actual training sites and by asking psychology professionals actually working at clinical psychology locations about the realities of roles and clinical work. This experience based understanding gives students the ability to consider the direction of their future in a more concrete manner.

Certification and the road to graduate school

In the clinical psychology major students can gain qualifications as an accredited psychologist through systematic psychology studies. In addition to the undergraduate faculties there is also the Graduate School of Social Well-being Studies Department of Clinical Psychology which is accredited as a class 1 graduate school by the Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists which allows students to acquire eligibility requirements for the clinical psychology accreditation examination upon graduation. For the road to graduate school we offer an in-school selection system and students are able to receive a high level of specialized education through integrated education between undergraduate faculties and graduate schools. The graduate school includes a psychological clinic which carries out practical training and cultivation of "clinical psychologists".