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The 20th Century from the Cradle to the Grave welfare state is now at a turning point. A nation’s social services system has contributed greatly in guaranteeing the quality of life of its citizens. However, with only government as its center, uniform and standardized services have not been able to meet the multitudinous and complex needs of its individual citizens. Moreover, although Japan itself has enjoyed the benefits of an industrialized society a large number of the population are said to have lost a sense of comfort in their lives and each generation as well as felt something emotionally lacking in their lives.
In order to remedy these problems, it is necessary to build a new Welfare Society- one in which all can live comfortably and securely: one based on the individual and which transcends the boundaries of generation, sex, and nationality: one in which people join together to actively create a community. In so doing, a society rooted in the ideal of “living with the environs” in which each citizen not only supports but also employs its services is created.

Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Arts (Social Policy and Administration)



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