Graduate School of Sociology

Japanese-based Degree Programs

Major in Sociology

Master’s Program, Doctoral Program

Acquiring the intellectual skills needed to address issues faced by modern society

Human beings are not meant to live in isolation, and society is what results when we gather together. Sociology is the academic discipline that examines the various behaviors we demonstrate as human beings and social groups. 

That said, humanity and society are ever-changing, as seen in the spread of the internet, surges in international migration as our world continues to globalize, and rapid shifts in family and marriage structures.

The Master’s Program in the Major of Sociology offers two course tracks: the Sociology Course and the Media Studies Course. Both are designed so that students can explore the academic findings of sociology, media theory, global studies , and adjacent fields throughout the humanities and social sciences, with the ultimate goal of developing a capacity to carry out their own highly-specialized research to systematically understand and clarify modern social issues.

The Sociology Course equips students with the skills necessary to undertake investigative research with sociology as their central foundation, drawing on knowledge from the other social sciences as they identify and work to address a wide range of issues faced by society.  It is offered as a daytime course at both the Ichigaya and Tama Campuses.

The Media Studies Course provides students with the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge demanded of researchers and specialists working in media-related fields. The course covers media theory and investigative approaches, as well as the historical development of, and thought on, media. Students also gain hands-on experience with media technology, investigative journalism, and other areas. In addition to the daytime schedule, some classes are offered in the evenings and Saturdays at the Ichigaya Campus, providing an accessible format for current working professionals.

The Doctoral Program in the Major of Sociology adheres to the same pedagogical ideal as the Master’s Course—namely, the study of societal issues with emphasis on consideration of the human element. However, it delves significantly deeper into theoretical and historical backgrounds as students prepare to write their dissertations.

Program alumni have gone on to lead successful careers in research at universities and other institutions, and to fill numerous roles in international organizations, media outlets, and general corporate environments, both domestically and abroad.