Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Intercultural Communication Major in Intercultural Communication

Ayako Aihara

Contemporary African Literature, African Cinema, Postcolonial Studies.

Kiyoshi Asakawa, Ph.D.

psychology and human development
Current research interests include relationship between the flow experience and psychological well-being and universal and cultural dimensions of the optimal experiences.

Daichi Ishimori

Associate Professor
Cultural anthropology, Oceanic studies
Research into globalization, religious and ethnic conflict, regional development, convivial society and minorities

Michiko Izumi, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Information and Communication Technology for social activities, Information security, Privacy preserving technology, ITS, e-Government and e-Residency

Yumiko Imaizumi

International Studies, History of Japan-Micronesia Relations,Micronesian Studies, Okinawan Studies

Yoshiaki Ohshima, Ph.D.

Digital Media Processing, Audio Engineering, Speech and Natural Language Processing.
Current research interest includes Computer Music, Media Art, Machine Learning, Text Mining, and e-Portfolio.

Kazuya Onaka, Ph.D.

Political philosophy, French and European studies.

Robert Ono, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Japanese Literature
Poetics, adaptation, and translation of Japanese literature from classical to modern periods

Yosuke Kinoe

Human interfaces
Methodologies to achieve tool usability, real world-oriented computing, designing manmade artifacts and data spheres to enrich everyday life

Yoshinori Kumata

Text theory, cultural semiotics
Elucidation of the principles of cultural expression through theoretical examination of linguistic and nonlinguistic texts

Tetsuya Koshiishi

English linguistics, English studies in general
English morphology, history of English, English lexicography, contrastive linguistic studies in general.

Motoe Sasaki, Ph.D.

U.S. social and cultural history with a focus on religion, gender, and social movements during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Chitose Sato, Ph.D.

Twentieth-century Russian literature, literary theory, Russian (Soviet Union) cinema, film studies.

Yukihiko Shigesada

Information science
Ubiquitous computing, distributed operating systems, user interfaces

Shisai So

Cultural anthropology, Chinese ethnology
Ethnicity of southern Chinese minorities, reconstructing the culture of overseas Chinese in Japan and their identities

Toshio Takayanagi

Contemporary and modern Korean history
Multifaceted depiction of the culture and history of Korean residents in Japan (in the broadest sense), examination of true images of the new generation of Korean residents in Japan, consideration of what Japanese society should be like

Isao Hiromatsu, Ph.D.

Assistant professor
Literature of the french-speaking world (Francophonie), Textanalyse (mélancolie), Sociocritique

Mark Field

Linguistics (applied contemporary English), economics
Development of human resource talent, the Japanese economy and educational reform, history of thought in the Englishspeaking world

Satoru Matsumoto, Ph.D.

Development Studies, International Cooperation, Southeast Asian Studies (particularly, Mekong region), including mass media research related to those fields.

Osamu Morimura

Contemporary philosophy, contemporary art philosophy, modern Japanese philosophy, applied ethics
Philosophical and ethical research related to nature and existence as well as illness and death; construction of phenomenological theories of the other based on the concept of “the other,” including the dead and departed souls; research into art activism

Letizia Guarini

Contemporary Japanese Literature, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Representation of gender and the family in contemporary Japanese literature and culture