Major in Engineering and Design

Graduate School of Engineering and Design

Holistic design and study of the design process for products and systems

The Major in Engineering and Design is in the graduate school of engineering, and it focuses on interdisciplinary studies of design, engineering, and management to promote advanced concepts and planning. Our aim is to further the development and study of "Holistic Design" of products, intelligent machines, simulations, and project management focusing on the usability and design process of products and systems. The Major in Engineering and Design is designed to educate engineers and researchers capable of identifying and solving today's complex problems using a multidisciplinary approach, rather than the more common specialized methods of problem solving. We have employed new educational methods such as Project-Based Learning (PBL) for our Master Degree Program in order to produce specialists that are capable of responding to today's demands. Offering daytime and evening classes, we can flexibly meet the education needs of working people, specialized personnel with work experiences.


  1. Students take part in interdisciplinary studies across several fields through the fusion of design, engineering, and management.
  2. We have adopted new educational methods to improve usability and cope with the complicated demands of today's society.
  3. Distinguished professors who have contributed to various research fields give lectures based on actual case studies.
  4. Students are able to receive advice from professors with experience in many research fields.
  5. We also provide evening and Saturday classes for working professionals.


  1. Educating highly specialized engineers and researchers capable of studying the design process of products and systems in an integrated manner.
  2. Educating and graduating student equipped to assess problems, define necessary tasks, and propose solutions.
  3. Graduate school opened to society based on daytime and evening classes and Saturday classes.







Design Review in PBL Class


Example of Companies for which Our Graduates are Working

Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., KDDI Corporation, YKKAP Inc., KYOCERA Corporation, Komatsu Ltd., SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION, NIPPON ERICSSON K.K., NTT DATA CORPORATION, Panasonic Corporation, NEC Corporation, Sony Corporation, FUJITSU LIMITED., Hitachi Ltd., JGC CORPORATION, TNK CORPORATION, transcosmos inc., etc.