Faculty Members

Major in Architecture

Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Engineering and Design Major in Architecture

Yoshiaki Amino

Building methods, wooden structural design
Using lumber creatively

Naomi Ando

Architectural planning, urban planning
Various forms of architecture and cities (e.g., plazas and streets) and the qualities and characteristics of the spaces that those forms produce

Akihiko Iwasa

Architectural planning
Temporary housing for disaster victims
Residential environment of suburban area
Environment -Behavior studies

Koh Kitayama

Architectural planning, urban design
Urban renewal in areas with high density of wooden houses

Taketo Shimohigoshi

Architectural design, urban design
Pursuit of architectural design theories and its practice that bear the sustainability and creativity for the future through analysis of urban context.

Hidenobu Jinnai

Architectural history, urban history
Promoting research into a reassessment of Tokyo as a water-oriented city and depicting the city’s special characteristics and appeal, while also researching scenarios on how regenerate it as a 21st-century water-oriented city

Masahiko Takamura

Architectural history, urban history
Research into the histories of Japanese and other Asian cities and architecture
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Kiyotaka Deguchi

Architectural and environmental engineering, architectural facilities
Evaluation of environmental performance of traditional houses and creation eco-friendly buildings

Nagayuki Yoshida

Architectural structure studies, earthquake engineering
Dynamic interactions between structures and the ground, wave propagation, dynamic collapse, seismic safety

Makoto Shin Watanabe

Architecture and urban design
Actual architectural and urban spaces have close relationships with human behavior. To expand design possibilities through studies of real architecture and cities, through comminity design and through collaborational activities.

Kazuko Akamatsu

Associate Professor
Architectural design from both engineering and aesthetic viewpoints
Architectural space not only supports human activities but also induces various behaviors. View architectural and urban space through various uncertain factors in search of how architectural space should be used in a new age

Shun Kawakubo

Building and urban environmental engineering
Comprehensive sustainability assessment of buildings, urban blocks and cities based on field measurements, subjective questionnaire surveys, statistical analyses and computer simulations

Hideaki Hamada

Architectural structure engineering, structural design
Pursuit of comprehensive structural design techniques and ideas