Graduate School of Engineering and Design

Japanese-based Degree Programs


We have established the "Graduate School of Engineering and Design" by reorganizing the Graduate School of Engineering's "Major in Civil Engineering and Architecture" and the Graduate School of Engineering and Design's "Major in Engineering and Design." This new school will promote research on holistic designs for global environment protection, sustainable societies, and new cultural values as well as foster human resources contributing to the above concepts. The following three specialized fields provide a solid foundation for students: architecture, civil and environmental engineering, and engineering and design. These fields integrate common knowledge bases including natural science, cognitive science, human engineering and aesthetics, and cutting-edge engineering expertise. The basic objective of this new program is to cultivate an understanding of the following seven concepts in our students: 1) planning, 2) design, 3) problem solving, 4) professional ethics, 5) history and culture, 6) the global environment, and 7) expression and communication. These seven concepts are promoted through the practical and innovative curriculums in each major. Successful graduates will be equipped to solve today's diverse design problems using a holistic approach.