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Katsuya Hirose

  • Born in 1958
  • Native of Nara Prefecturehirose_katsuya.jpg


March 1981    Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo
March 1983    Master of Laws, University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law and Politics
March 1987    Other than Dissertation, completed all Ph.D. course requirements at Tokyo University Graduate Schools for Law and Politics
September 1987    Doctor of Law, University of Tokyo

Field of Specialization

Public administration, public policy, local government

Academic and Administrative Appointments

September 1987    Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Hosei University
April 1995    Professor, Faculty of Law, Hosei University (current position)
April 2008    Director, Computing and Networking Center (until March 2012)
April 2012    Dean, Faculty of Law (until March 2014)
April 2012    Councilor, Hosei University (current position)
April 2014    Trustee, Executive Trustee, and Councilor of Hosei University (until March 2021)
April 2017    Vice President, Hosei University (until March 2021)
April 2021    President, Hosei University

Public Appointments

  • Member of the University Accreditation Committee, Japan University Accreditation Association
  • Deputy Chair, Board of Examination on Subsidy for Political Activities Expenses, Chiyoda Ward Assembly
  • Member, Policy Research Council, Tokorozawa City Assembly
  • Member, Selection Committee, Japan Securities Scholarship Foundation
  • Representative Organizer, Local Assembly Reform Forum

Major Publications

Jichitai Gikai Kaikaku no Koyusei to Fuhensei (tr. Uniqueness and Universality of Local Assembly Reform), 2018, Hosei University Press (written and edited)
Gikai Kaikaku Hakusho (tr. Assembly Reform White Paper), 2009–2016, Seikatsusha (co-written and edited)
Shimin Jichi Koza (2nd half) (tr. Civic Autonomy Course), 2016, Kojinsha (co-written)
Giinryoku no Susume (tr. Recommendations for Capabilities Required of an Assembly Member), 2010, Gyosei
Seika ni Musubitsuku IT Gabanansu (tr. IT Governance that Brings Results), 2007, Japan Municipal Research Center (written and edited)
Joho Kaikaku (tr. Information Reform), 2005, Gyosei Corporation (written and edited)
Inta-netto ga Kaeru Sekai (tr. A World Changed by the Internet)”, 1996, Iwanami Shoten (co-written)
Kanryo to Gunjin (tr. The Bureaucracy and the Military), 1989, Iwanami Shoten