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Yuko Tanaka

  • Born in 1952
  • Native of Kanagawa Prefecture


1974:B.A. in the Department of Japanese Literature and Linguistics, Faculty of Letters, Hosei University
1977:M.A. in Literature and Culture of the Edo Period, Graduate School of Humanities, Hosei University
1980: Other than Dissertation, all Ph.D. course requirements completed in the Graduate School of Humanities, Hosei University
1986: Visiting Researcher, Peking University, China
1992-1993: Visiting Researcher, Oxford University, UK

Field of Specialization

  1.  Ren, the key concept to analyzing and synthesizing how connections were made in Edo Period.
  2. A comparative study of textile production and trading from the beginning of the 16th century to the end of the 19th century.
  3. A comparative analysis of the way of life and the values in the early modern society in Edo period of Japan and Asian countries.

Academic and Administrative Appointments

1980-1982: Lecturer, Faculty of General Education, Hosei University
1983-1990: Assistant Professor, Faculty of General Education, Hosei University
1991-2002: Professor, Faculty of General Education, Hosei University
2003-Present: Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hosei University
2012-2013: Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hosei University
2014- : President, Hosei University

Major Publications

Edo no Souzouryoku (tr. Imagination of Edo), 1986, Chikuma Shobo
 *The winner of the prestigiousMinistry of Education Award for New Writers in 1986.
Edo no Oto (tr. Sounds of Edo), 1988, Kawade Shobo Shinsha
Kinsei Ajia Hyoryu (tr. Drifting into the Early Modern Asia), 1990, Asahi Shimbun Press
Edo wa Network (tr. Networks in Edo), 1993, Heibon Sha
Edo Hyakumu (tr. One Hundred Dreams of the Edo Period), 2000, Asahi Shinbun Press
 * The winner of the prestigious Ministry of Education and Sciences Award for Writers in 2000
 * The winner of the Suntory Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities in 2001
Edo no Koi (tr. Love in the Edo Period), 2002, Shueusha Press
Higuchi Ichiyo Iyada! to iu (tr. Higuchi Ichiyo Said N0!), 2004, Shueusha Press
Kamui den Kogi (tr. Lectures on the Legend of Kamui), 2008, Shogakukan
Mirai no tameno Edogaku (tr. Studies of the Edo Period for the Future), 2009, Shogakukan
Nuno no chikara The Power of the Weave, 2010 Asahi Shinbun Press,
 *Translated by Geraldine Harcourt, 2013, LTCB International Library Trust/
  International House of Japan
Globalization no nakano Edo (tr. Edo Culture Under Globalization), 2012 Iwanami Shoten
HOSEI University as the forum for freedom (Jiyu to iu Hiroba), 2016 Hosei University Press


The Western Scientific Gaze and Popular Imagery in Later Edo Japan: The Lens
within the Heart by Timon Screech, 1996, Sakuhinsha Press (Ooedo shikaku kakumei)
Southeast Asia in the age of commerce 1450-1680 by Anthony Reid, 2002,
Hosei University Press (Daikokaijidai no tonanajia)


2005: Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon (Shiju Hosho)

Public Appointments

Board member of the Japan Association of Private Universities and Colleges
Managing Trustee of the Japan Univeristy Accreditation Association
Board member of the Suntory Foundation for Arts
Member of the Editorial Board of the “Shukan Kinyobi (Weekly Friday)”
Commentator of the Sunday morning program in TV