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Message from newly-appointed president Yuko Tanaka to the students

It was 44 years ago when I entered Hosei University. The University’s free and vibrant atmosphere motivated me. For the first time in my life I studied extra hard, feeling like I was in my element.

Why did I study so hard? It was not because I was forced to do so, but I had a chance to design my own life by making choices and acting on my own initiative. The process of deriving an answer using my own words to a question I raised to myself through research was in fact a way of creating my own identity.

I encountered literature of the Edo period at Hosei and decided to make it my lifework. Of course it was not an easy path, hampered by many failures and setbacks. But I continued studying, with an interest in social movements. It was here at Hosei University that I was given the opportunity to find and create what has now become the foundation of my present life.

While at Hosei University, each of you will take your own path. Hosei University has a mechanism to help you acquire necessary skills in the process. Every day, all faculty members work at helping students to make a better choice, closely listening to their problems and wishes. However, do not forget that you yourselves will be responsible for how you spend this valuable and once-in-a-lifetime campus life.

When you graduate from Hosei University, you will have a chance to pursue your career in the global arena. Faculty members hope to guide you so that you can be active anywhere in the world, and have an ability to learn and think independently in any circumstance. For this purpose, we, faculty members, are working to grow, ourselves. So students, walk with us. Lead a fulfilling, satisfactory campus life with no regrets. I promise that the days you spend here will create a solid foundation of your future.

Yuko Tanaka, President
Hosei University

Yuko Tanaka, President, Hosei University

Yuko Tanaka, President, Hosei University