About Hosei

Hosei University Vision

University Outline

To realize the aims of Hosei University based on its ideals, the university has formulated the following visions for education, research, and social contribution.

Vision of Education

(1)   To enable students to study across the whole spectrum of humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences while maintaining their core specialization, we will increase the flexibility and convenience of learning and organically link our campuses together.

(2)   To foster the autonomy of students, we will transition to a learning-focused university to give them a stronger sense of their personal growth.

(3)   We will foster students who can both think globally and deeply appreciate the value of local diversity.

(4)   To help realize and sustain a just society, preserving biological and cultural diversity, we will equip students with the ability to contribute to a more sustainable global society.

(5)   We will create an educational and research environment in which people from all over the world can comprehensively learn about the culture, history, society, and technology of Japan.

(6)   To promote greater diversity, while considering diversity in all educational settings, we will foster students who recognize the diversity of values in society and respect the individual and diverse values of free citizens.

Vision of Research

(1)   We will promote pure and interdisciplinary research of the highest international standard aimed at building a sustainable global society.

(2)   We will develop the university’s various research institutes, which are highly regarded in their respective fields, both domestically and internationally, and communicate their value and significance to the world to expand our international networks.

(3)   We will prioritize support for research that can make use of practical wisdom and promote research that can benefit humanity.

(4)   We will increase the number of graduate students in research centers focused on solving real-world problems, and strengthen our graduate schools as educational and research organizations that efficiently nurture talented researchers.

(5)   To promote greater diversity, we will consider diversity in every research setting and utilize diverse values to promote research.

Vision of Social Contribution

(1)   We will promote the construction of a sustainable global society by expanding partnerships and joint initiatives with a variety of organizations outside the university, making use of the fruits of research conducted at the university.

(2)   We will publicly and widely communicate significant practical wisdom that emerges from the new findings of research conducted at the university.

(3)   We will draw on the strengths of the local community.

(4)   We will offer lifelong education to help nurture independent citizens, and create an environment that enables those students to learn from and discuss with instructors, students, and alumni of the university anywhere in the world.

(5)   We will develop peer support systems for students and worldwide alumni networks to create open international communities that transcend differences in age, gender, nationality, and ethnicity.

(6)   To promote greater diversity, we will make use of diversity-related research findings to help build a society in which citizens with diverse values can assist each other to attain the happiness they desire.