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University Outline

By 2030, Hosei University will serve both as a global center for citizens' education, training citizens capable of living in freedom and of actively, autonomously pursuing their ideals, and as a wellspring of knowledge and ideas for the development of a strong, democratic, sustainable society through applied research oriented to practical solutions, along with serious basic research in each field.

With these goals in mind, Hosei University sets forth the following vision for education, research, and social partnership.

Vision for Education

With a view to nurturing independence, initiative, creativity, critical thinking, judgment, and the ability to get things done, we will cultivate logical and analytical thinking through the natural and social sciences and broad-based literacy through basic studies in the Japanese language, foreign language, media literacy, and the humanities, while stressing their relevance to advanced and professional studies.

1. We will become a single comprehensive university with organically connected campuses.

We will strive for flexible program requirements, conveniently designed school calendars, and organically interconnected campuses to encourage students to cross between the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences, even while remaining grounded in the specialty of their choice.

2. We will become a center for citizens’ education committed to promoting active and meaningful learning.

Our faculty members will shift their educational approach from a posture of “teaching” to one of nurturing and developing each student’s abilities. Students will set their own academic goals and design their own academic plans with the aid of a Learning Portfolio. We will change from a university where students are passively taught to one where they actively learn while charting their own progress.

3. We will nurture the ability to think globally coupled with a deep appreciation of the value of local diversity.

We will create the means for every student to participate in a “global experience” that offers direct contact with different values, cultures, and lifestyles, to help students develop a global perspective accompanied by a deep appreciation of the value of local communities.

4. We will become a center for education oriented to the creation of a sustainable global community.

With a view to realizing a just and sustainable society while preserving biological and cultural diversity, we will develop a system by which students in every faculty can take courses in an interdisciplinary Sustainability Program. Through this program, we will help students acquire a basic grounding in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and an understanding of their applications, interconnections, and relevance to their own field, as part of our policy of nurturing citizens who will contribute to the creation of a sustainable global community.

5. We will become a center for comprehensive Japanese studies for students from around the world.

We will further enhance the educational environment for international Japanese studies, so that people from around the world can engage in the comprehensive study of Japanese culture, history, society, and technology.

Vision for Research

Building on a foundation of basic research oriented to the creation of a sustainable global community, we will produce numerous high-quality studies aimed at creating practical wisdom and advancing new ideas.

1. We will become a world center for research oriented to building a sustainable global community.

We will integrate sustainability-oriented studies in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences to become a domestic and international center for sustainability studies, in the process boosting our world ranking as a research institution.

2. We will strive for the further development of our unique, internationally acclaimed research institutes.

We will work for the further development of those attached institutes that are recognized in Japan and abroad as centers for research in their respective fields, including the Nogami Memorial Noh Theater Research Institute, the Institute of Okinawan Studies, the Ohara Institute for Social Research, the Research Center for International Japanese Studies, and the Japan Statistics Research Institute, while communicating their significance and value to the world and expanding their international networks.

3. We will devote resources to basic research that can contribute to the creation of a sustainable global community.

We will maintain at all times a commitment to basic research as the foundation for new practical wisdom.

4. We will become a world leader in fields of applied research that build on practical wisdom.

We will provide support for high-priority research projects that build on practical wisdom to become a world leader in applied research with the potential to contribute to the world.

5. We will produce high-caliber researchers from our solutions-oriented research centers.

We will boost the number of graduate students in fields closely linked to our solutions-oriented research centers and build our graduate schools into educational organizations that train high-caliber researchers.

Vision for Social Partnership

Hosei University is already one of Japan’s top schools for continuing and adult education, and we intend to expand this role, with an emphasis on graduate studies, with the aim of contributing to the education of citizens in every sector of society and building a strong, democratic, sustainable society.

1. We will become a center for the creation of a sustainable global community in the broader community.

To maximize the contribution of our research to the development of practical solutions, we will expand our partnerships with external non-academic organizations committed to building a new era through the development of research applications. In this way, our efforts to build a sustainable global community through education and research will penetrate society.

2. We will become a center for the dissemination of proposals for the creation of a sustainable global community.

To build and develop productive links with other academic and non-academic organizations, we will continually float new research proposals as a center for the dissemination of practical wisdom within the broader community, while also performing basic research.

3. We will become a university that taps into and fuels regional vitality.

Japan has no future unless it can revitalize its regional communities and economies. We will become a university where students of diverse origins gather and learn how they as graduates can contribute more broadly to each region's strength and vitality.

4. We will become a place where people from around the world can receive an advanced citizens' education.

By providing adult learners easy access to courses in our graduate and undergraduate programs alike, we will become a center for lifelong education to nurture independent citizens. In addition, we will strive by various means to create an environment in which people anywhere in the world can learn from Hosei University faculty and graduates and carry on dialogue with them and one another.

5. We will develop worldwide student peer-support and alumni networks.

We will create global student peer-support and alumni networks designed as open communities that bring together people of all ages, genders, nationalities, and ethnicities.