About Hosei

Response to Environmental Problems

University Outline

Aiming towards becoming a "Green" University

Hosei University strives to contribute to the creation of a "sustainable society" through a wide variety of activities, beginning with education and research. Hosei University's active handling of the university environment starts with the ISO14001 certified environmental management systems (EMS) installed by the Faculty of Sustainability Studies and the Graduate School of Environmental Management and continues through a variety of activities under the "Green University" philosophy.

Hosei University enacted an "Environmental Charter" in March of 1993 and began to implement concrete efforts towards realizing a "sustainable society". In September of the same year Hosei became the first comprehensive university in Japan to receive ISO14001 certification (International Standards for Environmental Management) for building '92 Building. In October of 2001 the environmental management system registration was expanded for the entire Ichigaya campus and then again for the Tama campus in 2004. The university continues to reform campus environments in order to realize the aims of the "Environmental Charter". We plan to further expand the scope of these activities to cover the Koganei campus and affiliated schools in the future.

Hosei University Environmental Charter

Under the vision of "Open University - Hosei 21" the university will strive to realize a "Green University" as a university-wide in order to achieve harmony and co-exist with the earth's natural environment as well as to better mankind through various activities beginning with education and research.

Action Guide

  1. Positively develop education research and public education activities as associated with global environmental problems.
  2. Strive to conserve energy and resources.
  3. Strive to reduce waste and increase recycling amounts.
  4. Strive to protect the natural environment.
  5. Build an environmental management system and strive toward continual improvement of the system.