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Diploma Policy

The university-wide Diploma Policy of Hosei University stipulates that through their learning activities at the university and based on an understanding of the spirit of “freedom and progress” that has guided the university since its establishment, students must acquire the following abilities, attitudes, and behaviors, so that they can embody the “practical wisdom for freedom” to “contribute to the future of a sustainable society” throughout their lives, as enshrined in the Hosei University Charter. Hosei University awards academic degrees to students who have additionally completed a program of study as stipulated in the diploma policy of each faculty or graduate school, which is linked to this Diploma Policy.

Hosei DP-I:    Students develop the ability to think multidimensionally and from multiple perspectives based on a broad knowledge of the fundamentals of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.
Hosei DP-II:    Students develop the ability to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in their specialized field of study, with an understanding of how it relates to other fields of study.
Hosei DP-III:    Students develop the ability to exchange opinions with others, using linguistic, mathematical, and information literacy skills and a broad understanding of people to transcend differences of language and culture.
Hosei DP-IV:    Students develop the ability to identify new issues facing society and to explain to others how to use logical analysis to solve them.
Hosei DP-V:    Students develop a proactive, independent, and dynamic attitude and the ability to form and express their own opinions while cooperating and collaborating with others.
Hosei DP-VI:    Students develop respect for diversity and a readiness to contribute to the building of a sustainable global society, based on a global perspective and a deep appreciation of local community values, as well as a commitment to continual, independent learning.
Hosei DP-VII:    Students acquire the ability to contribute to society by playing an active role in civic society, applying the full range of their acquired knowledge and skills using multidimensional and creative perspectives and thinking ability.