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Diploma Policy

The overall diploma policy of the University is for students to acquire the following abilities through their education and studies at the University in order to achieve the earlier stated educational objectives of the University.

  1. Gaining an understanding of the founding spirit of the University, “Freedom and Progress,” they establish a foundation for lifelong acquisition of “Practical Wisdom for Freedom.”
  2. Developing a self-motivated, voluntary, and proactive stance, they acquire a certain level of thinking ability, judgment, and communication skills.
  3. They acquire logical analytical thinking skills.
  4. By developing a certain level of basic Japanese, foreign language, and media literacy capability, they acquire broad human understanding.
  5. They are able to express their own thoughts in multiple languages, and to engage actively in exchanging ideas while being considerate to others.
  6. Through “global experience” coming into direct contact with different values, cultures, and life styles, they gain a global perspective while acquiring deep awareness of the value of local communities.
  7. They come to understand the meaning of, and obtain practical knowledge about, “building a sustainable global society.”
  8. Building on fundamental knowledge in such areas as the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, they acquire specialized learning in each faculty.
  9. By studying fundamental knowledge in such areas as the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences along with applications thereof, they come to understand the relationships among each academic field.
  10. By comprehensively studying Japan’s culture, history, society, and technology, they acquire a multifaceted and objective understanding of Japan and the ability to communicate this understanding.