About Hosei


In accordance with the previously stated educational aims and diploma policy, Hosei University accepts students equipped with the following aspirations and abilities.

  1. Individuals with the basic academic skills needed to pursue study after admission.
  2. Individuals with a prescribed level of ability to think, make decisions, and express themselves, as well as the desire to further improve that ability.
  3. Self-motivated individuals who are actively willing to deepen their knowledge through study and discussion in collaboration with a diverse range of other people.
  4. Individuals who are actively willing to broaden their global perspectives and acquire international knowledge and self-expression skills.

Using a variety of admission selection methods, Hosei University aims to bring together a diverse body of students of different potential, different values, and different abilities, from different places, with different motives and aspirations, and from different generations, for study and research. In this setting, students are required to learn the curriculum in accordance with all applicable policies, to develop the “practical wisdom for freedom” and thereby embody the university’s highest ideal.