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The challenges confronting higher education grow increasingly complex. Hosei University is executing its long-range strategic plan, HOSEI 2030, amid ongoing changes in the social environment, including globalization and a shift toward lifelong education. To weather this difficult era and respond to long-term challenges ahead, universities will need diversity, flexibility, and the ability to function as centers of creativity and innovation. With this in mind, Hosei University intends to redouble its efforts to improve the school’s educational environment, increase the diversity of its student body and faculty, and ensure that every member of the campus community has the opportunity for individual growth and participation on their own terms. To this end, Hosei University hereby affirms its commitment to diversity.

June 8, 2016

Hosei University Statement on Diversity

Achieving diversity means recognizing the wide range of values within our society and respecting the differing values embraced by free citizens as integral to their individuality.

Respect for human rights is the first step. Eliminating discrimination on the basis of gender, age, nationality, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, disability, or sexual orientation /gender identity is essential, but it is not sufficient. Diversity also means respecting such differences as integral to human individuality. Further, it means welcoming such differences and listening carefully to one another so as to gain a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives, lifestyles, feelings, and ideas. It is the creation of a society where no minority group need fear discrimination or exclusion, where each unique citizen is guaranteed the opportunity to pursue their own dreams of happiness, and everyone can live a full and rewarding life.

Given its integral role in society, the university has a duty to promote diversity, both as an educational institution responsible for grooming a new generation of creative and innovative citizens and as a research institution called on to seek solutions to society’s myriad problems. The university’s role is to contribute to the development of a society where citizens with diverse values live side by side, helping one another realize their individual dreams of happiness. To perform this role, the university must be a place where students, teachers, and researchers from all backgrounds feel free to pursue their studies and careers creatively and develop their own individual potential.

Steeped in the spirit of "freedom and progress", Hosei University has made a social commitment to build “practical wisdom for freedom.” Freedom is not a privilege limited to certain groups of people but a right guaranteed to every member of society. Building on a foundation of respect for human rights, accommodation of diversity, and equal opportunity, Hosei University will actively welcome students and faculty members of all nationalities and cultural backgrounds and raise the quality of our education and research with the aim of extending “practical wisdom for freedom” to people around the world.

Hosei University will work actively to achieve true diversity.