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Major in Social Services (Master’s Program)

“Cultivating specialized knowledge and skills for the creation of a welfare-oriented community”

This program aims to cultivate advanced professionals (such as social workers, policy advocates, and community planners) and researchers in the areas of social services and community development. To enable not only university graduates but also working adults who are currently active in social services or community development to advance their education, the program concentrates its classes on the weekends. Starting in the academic year 2011, it will also begin offering evening courses on the Ichigaya Campus on subjects related to the creation of welfare-oriented communities, and will introduce a long-term study system suitable for working adults. The program has a fine lineup of classes and a highly experienced staff that can work together with students in considering real-world challenges. After earning a master’s degree, students may continue on to the doctoral program.

Distinctive Features

  1. Daytime classes are generally held on the Tama Campus on Thursdays and Fridays (and some Saturdays). In addition, evening classes have been held on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Ichigaya Campus since the 2011 academic year. Students may also take classes at 11 social services-oriented universities with which the program shares a credit transfer system.
  2. To address a broad range of issues related to social services and community development, classes are grouped into three clusters focused on social work, systems management, and community design.


  1. To conduct research that helps create welfare-oriented communities from the perspective of the people that live in those communities and strive to improve their well-being
  2. To cultivate advanced professionals and researchers with the skills needed to make practical contributions to the creation of welfare-oriented communities, develop policy proposals, and conduct research

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