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Major in Social Services and Clinical Psychology (Doctoral Program)

“Cultivating researchers dedicated to the understanding of humanity as a whole and of ordinary individuals, as a way to achieve greater human well-being”

To help students gain a true overview of the lives of human beings, the curriculum for this program is built on three pillars: social services, communities, and clinical psychology. Specifically, students are required to take the special workshop class in social services and psychology (year one to year three), and to receive guidance in completing their doctoral dissertation. The other required courses and electives offered include many special lectures on such topics as welfare policies, welfare society, clinical social services, communities and policy, communities and culture, and clinical psychology, enabling students to conduct research on complex topics.

Distinctive Features

  1. Students can select which courses they want to take and conduct research on complex topics.
  2. Dissertation guidance is provided through a system of multiple advisors whereby students are advised by both an academic advisor and an assistant academic advisor.
  3. Since the program was established, it has produced at least one doctoral graduate each year.


  1. To cultivate researchers trained in both theory and practice, capable of comprehensively achieving a 21st-century level of social services and clinical psychology
  2. To encourage the completion of doctoral dissertations with significant implications for society

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