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Graduate School of Social Well-being Studies
Major in Social Services and Clinical Psychology

Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Social Well-being Studies
Major in Social Services and Clinical Psychology

Yukiko Ishii

Care management, health and welfare studies, well-being
Care management theory; synthesizing health, welfare, and spirituality and human resource development

Shoko Ito

Social welfare methodologies, social welfare assistance for people of different ethnicities and with different cultural backgrounds
Livelihood problems of foreign laborers, multicultural social work

Shinya Iwasaki

Welfare principles, welfare idea
Theoretical social welfare research, social welfare ideas

Mika Iwata

Child and family welfare theory, education and welfare theory
Research related to social difficulties involving parenting and children growing up, social work with poor families

Junpei Ono

Clinical psychology, clinical psychological assessment, mental and physical disability studies
Abused children’s psychological characteristics and support, commonalities and disparities between developmental disorders and reactive attachment disorder

Mikiko Kubota

Morita therapy, comparative psychotherapies, psychological assessment
Applying Morita therapy to anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder, women’s psychological crises, comparative psychotherapies, etc.

Yasuhiro Suetake

Clinical psychology, counseling, psychotherapy
Client-centered psychotherapy (person-centered therapy), theoretical and practical focusing-oriented therapy research

Ritsuko Nakamura

Welfare for the elderly, social and cultural research into elderly society
Research into the history of how facilities for senior citizens were handled in pre-World War II era and during the war, research into the criteria for elderly dependents and welfare systems for the elderly in Japan and Nepal, community (urban and depopulating areas) and the lifestyle modes of senior citizens

Keiichi Nagayama

Comparative psychotherapies, psychiatry
Care management theory; synthesizing health, welfare, and spirituality and human resource development; clinical practice and research into introspection therapy, Morita therapy, and psychoanalysis; links between Max Weber’s theories on sociology and mental sciences

Ikuo Niwa

Clinical psychology, community psychology
Pediatric psychotherapy, social support networking, consultation, transitional objects

Tamaki Hattori

Education-related psychological measurement studies, psychological data analysis
Item response theory; theories and applications of psychological data analysis

Kenichi Baba

Cultural and environmental policies (cultural environment formation theory), cultural heritage studies, history (Japanese regional history)
Research into cultural heritages in local societies and their preservation and use

Hisashi Fukawa

Urban policy, urban planning, local town building, landscaping, hydrophilic engineering
Research on the impact of urban spaces (hydrophilic spaces, etc.) on surrounding urban environments; research on theory and practice of local town building

Masao Mizuno

Regional management theory, civic action management theory
Research into systems for preserving local wooden residences, research into community development for the reconstruction of disaster-struck regions, creative cities research, social business research

Kuninao Minakawa

Pediatric and adolescent psychiatry, psychoanalysis
Psychoanalytical psychotherapies, parental guidance, development during puberty and adolescence

Takashi Miyashiro

Volunteering, community social networks, community welfare planning and other local welfare implementation theory
Community social network methodologies, comprehensive support measures for extremely elderly communities

Miki Yasui

Urban and regional planning theory, planning administration, local government systems research
Urban environmental systems theory, local government town planning theory

Mayumi Sato

Associate Professor
Terminal care and social networks, assistance for terminal care patients and their families
Support for terminal care patients and their families, bereavement care

Naoya Zushi

Associate Professor
Agricultural economics, rural and mountain village policy theory
Rural and mountain village local management modes and human resource development, collaboration among communities and young people

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