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Major in Clinical Psychology (Master’s Program)

“Comprehensively study theory and practice in clinical psychology through diverse training opportunities and small group education”

The goal of this program is to cultivate advanced, specialized professionals and researchers who will be active in various fields of clinical psychology. The program’s full-time instructors are experts who are active on the front lines in fields such as clinical psychology, counseling, and psychiatry. The academic advisor system is set up to help students write master’s theses based on a broad range of theory and practice as well as ethical research practices. Virtually all of the students in this program obtain their certification as clinical psychologists, and are active in society in professional positions related to clinical psychology.

Distinctive Features

  1. Students can take their clinical psychologist certification exam soon after completing their graduate degree (this graduate school is a class 1 designated school). The average exam success rate is upwards of 90 percent.
  2. Training-oriented education in the areas of medicine, development, and education is offered at excellent training sites, as well as in the clinical psychology consultation office on campus.


  1. Cultivate advanced, specialized professionals (clinical psychologists) who are active in a broad range of fields in society
  2. Cultivate researchers involved in the practice and science of clinical psychology (through ongoing education in the doctoral program in social services and clinical psychology)

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