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Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Sociology Major in Sociology

Sadashige Aoki

Analysis of media society’s structure
Advertising theory, branding theory
Methods of developing and planning effective brand advertising

Yoko Arai

Social pedagogy
Practical social education research, social education legal system research, adult education and social education movement research, community hall research

Tatsuo Inamasu

Media culture theory
Practical understanding of contemporary media culture through video image production

Hitoshi Uno

Organizational behavioral science, social networking theory, business administration studies
Social networking theory, organization theory, decision-making theory

Yuji Osaki

National integration and ethnic policies in contemporary China
Contemporary China (East Asia) regional research

Tadashi Okanouchi

Social theory, international political economics, irenology, international development studies, Mideast research
Human rights and peace issues in international society, basic income research

Takenori Oku

Contemporary and modern Japanese history and journalism history
Considerations of what role journalism should have and the route to achieve that based on contemporary and modern Japanese history and current conditions

Akihito Kanai

Cognitive science, artificial intelligence and visual rhetoric
Analyzing the relationship between narrative and images and their effects on viewers from the standpoint of cognitive science

Mizuhito Kanehara

The English-speaking world’s ethnic cultures
Creative writing, efforts to improve expressive abilities through novel and poetry writing

Chieko Kamibayashi

Industrial sociology
Japan’s foreign worker problems and immigration policies

Naoki Kobayashi

Research on history of media culture and TV archives
Research on “records and memory” in media environment

Yuriko Saito

Theoretical sociology, mathematical sociology, social consciousness theory
Public interest sociology: reflecting on the structure of order

Shigeki Sato

Comparative nationalism research, historical sociology, sociology theory
Nationalism and globalization

Masami Jufuku

Social philosophy
Ecological thought, radical democracy, social philosophy from the perspective of rationality of a body

Tomoyuki Suzuki

Sociology theory, cultural sociology
Sociological analysis of discourses, particularly research into narrations involving one’s self and others and their social conditions

Munenori Suzuki

Sociology history, theoretical sociology
Critical theory issues in contemporary society

Junko Tajima

International sociology, immigration and ethnic studies
Thinking about the sociology of immigration and immigrants

Akira Tokuyasu

Social systems theory
Social phenomena as seen from the dual perspectives of people and social systems

Maki Hiratsuka

Pedagogics; research into character formation, particularly in periods of transition during youth
Becoming an adult: contemporary society and upbringing, self-reliance, and education

Mafumi Fujita

Communications theory, media theory
Analyses of the textual contents of mass media (TV)

Saburo Horikawa

Environmental sociology, urban sociology
Historical environmental conservation, community development, community residents’ campaigns, follow-up surveys of polluted sites

Hiroaki Mizushima

Journalism, study of documentaries
The purpose of audiovisual news and documentaries and the potential of audiovisual journalism

Setsuo Mizuno

Qualitative analysis theory, life history research
Investigations of society and human psychology

Sayo Mitsui

Clinical sociology, care and support theory
Interactive theoretical approaches to social issues related to medical care and social welfare

Mako Yoshimura

Asia research, Southeast Asian region research
Various issues of international society, particularly concerning Asian societies, economies, politics, and cultures

Saeko Kikuzawa

Associate professor
Family sociology

Mika Ko

Associate professor
Cinema, social representation studies
Minorities, nationalism, multiple culture, gender representation, adapted films in Japanese cinema

Hideaki Shirata

Associate professor
Information law, intellectual property right law
Studies on the information age and information transmission

Changu Shin

Associate professor
Modern and recent history
Modern and recent history of the Korean Peninsula, history of Japan-Korea relations, studies on colonies, studies on the history of Koreans living in Japan

Tomomichi Suzuki

Associate Professor
Historical sociology, pedagogic sociology
Historical sociology of education

Shotaro Tsuda

Associate professor
Mass communications theory, political sociology, information society theory
Analyzing and gaining a practical understanding of media through reporting activities

Shingo Dobashi

Associate professor
Media theory, communications theory
Practical digital media research

Akihiko Higuchi

Associate Professor
Community policy theory
Social exclusion and subsumption, youth theory, NPOs and NGOs, diversification in work modes

Hiroyuki Fujishiro

Associate professor
Journalism, study of social media
The role of journalism and media in the social media age; entrepreneurial journalism

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