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Major in Systems Engineering

Management Science Track
(Master’s Program, Doctoral Program)

“Promoting system management from a wide range of social and economic perspectives”

In the business administration track of the graduate program in system engineering, students learn systematic management from a wide range of socioeconomic perspectives, which is required to survive the tough international competition that increasing globalization has produced. To pursue optimal management, it is essential to understand the mathematical structures of the system being examined, build models, and find the path to the optimal solution while considering various legal, institutional, and financial constraints.
The goals are to cultivate the ability to use advanced technologies to propose new financing techniques and to improve risk management, as well as to develop the ability to design systems based on socioeconomic forecasts. The business administration track of the master’s program in system engineering aims to produce specialists with these skills. The doctoral program aims to develop researchers who will perform independent research.

System Control Track
(Master’s Program, Doctoral Program)

“Exploring the limitless possibilities for systems that connect devices”

The system controls track within the graduate program in system engineering equips students with a broad range of specialized and basic academic skills in such areas as mathematics, dynamics, electromagnetics, electrical circuits, and programming. The goal is to produce engineers and researchers who have specific expertise for solving challenges in the fields of system engineering where these skills can be applied—specifically in the areas of mathematical science, controls engineering, sensor engineering, and materials science—and who place emphasis on a balance between social development and the natural environment.
There is great demand for students who have completed the system controls track of the master’s program in system engineering, and those who do can consider continuing their education at the doctoral level or finding work in a company involved in manufacturing or information systems. The goal of the doctoral program is to develop researchers who can accurately identify issues and solve problems from the perspective of system engineering.

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