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Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

System Control Track

Sadanori Okamura

Galactic astronomy, observational cosmology
Galaxy and galaxy cluster structures and evolution in various environments

Takashi Kasuga

Radio astronomy, developing highly sensitive electromagnetic wave detection technologies
Highly sensitive millimeter wave and sub-millimeter wave reception, optical interference technologies, developing satellite instrumentation devices

Kazuyuki Kobayashi

Sensing engineering, sensor signal processing
Environmental recognition in outdoor environments, autonomous driving

Shuichi Sato

Gravitational wave physics, relativity theory experiments
Laser interferometry, precise ranging, gravitational wave physics, quantum optics

Isamu Shioya

Graph grammar, time series processing, artificial intelligence
Cooperative actions of multiagents

Makoto Takizawa

Information engineering
Research on credibility in P2P networks, research on eco-decentralized systems, research on group communication protocols

Tetsuo Tamai

Software engineering
Requirement analysis of software, formal methods and modeling technology, the evolution of objects

Rebecca Fukuzawa

Cultural anthropology, educational sociology
Educational and social strata

Yasuyoshi Horibata

Simulation engineering, numerical analysis, computational physics
Modeling of temperature distribution using observation data of single Doppler radar

Yukari Matsuo

Laser spectroscopy, atomic and molecular physics, quantum electronics
Precision laser spectroscopy in atomic and molecular physics and nuclear applications

Keiichi Yamada

Hydrology, disaster preparedness engineering
Interactions between underground and surface water, reconstructions of paleocurrents of diluvial plateaus and underground water flows, human behavior during disasters and estimating to what extent damage can be mitigated

Kajiro Watanabe

Controls engineering, diagnosing abnormalities, sensor engineering
Cell-phone handset applications, ubiquitous medical care, autonomous vehicles, bipedal walking robots, restraint-free, noninvasive sleep monitors

Management Science Track

Ryuichi Ito

Clinical psychology, industrial psychology
Research on personality using the projection method, etc.

Tadashi Uratani

Financial engineering
Research into economic risks using probability theory and computers. This will enable the acquisition of capabilities for creating new financial products embodying new ideas when entering the financial industry.

Toshiyuki Katsura

Coding theory, positive characteristics’ algebraic variety
Algebraic geometry, coding theory

Yutaka Kato

Probability theory, operations research
AHP estimation methods and the error structures of pairwise comparison matrices

Mitsuhiro Kimura

Reliability engineering, quality control engineering
Research into assessments of software test completion percentages, research into detecting variance points of defect ratios in product population manufacturing processes

Hiroyuki Goto

Operations research, high-performance computing
Optimal control of discrete event systems and its application to scheduling problems; efficient ways of calculating feature points, quantities and areas from spatiotemporal data

Kaoru Suzuki

Improvement and evaluation of input devices for personal computers, strain assessment based on the physiological index, various sensor-related aspects, etc.

Yoichi Nakamura

Economic engineering
Empirical and applied economics, system of national accounts

Kenji Nagasaka

Mathematical sciences, data security, applied statistics, mathematical engineering
Applying symbol and code theory to electronic watermarks, research into the misuse of statistical terms, creation and characteristics of random number generation devices, independent component analysis and its applications

Tatsuyoshi Miyakoshi

Applied financial analysis
Globalization of financial systems and worldwide financial crises

Shin Isojima

Associate Professor
Nonlinear accumulation analysis
Research on cellular automaton using ultra-discretization techniques

Kazuhiro Esaki

Associate professor
Project management
Creation of new values using logical thinking

Nobuyuki Tamura

Associate Professor
Applied probability theory, operations research
Using Markov decision processes to analyze optimal maintenance policies, statistic inference of degradation models

Kazuhiro Yasuda

Associate Professor
Probability analysis; mathematical finance
Research on mathematical finance and its peripheries through the use of probability analysis

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