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Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Science and Engineering Major in Mechanical Engineering

Kazuyoshi Arai

Composite materials, aerospace structural materials, strength of materials, chemical apparatus materials, numerical analysis
Developing light, compact composite bumpers that can withstand space debris; developing ultrafast-projectile launch devices

Chiharu Ishii

Control engineering, robot engineering
Robotic research and development related to medical and welfare engineering, such as omnidirectional robotic forceps and myoelectric prosthetic limbs

Isao Okawa

Elastodynamics, fatigue strength studies
Fatigue strength under multiaxial loading, static loading’s impact on fatigue strength, the effect of notching on fatigue strength, simulating microfracture growth

Hiroaki Osawa

Advanced materials engineering
Use of gas generants to manufacture hollow structural components made of superplastic aluminum alloy

Tadashige Kawakami

Combustion engineering, energy conversion engineering
Research into reducing combustion products with vegetable oil fuel blends for compact diesel engines

Fumihiko Kimura

Design and manufacturing systems
Product life-cycle design methods, methods for devising environmentally friendly manufacturing systems

Kiyotaka Sakino

Strength of materials, impact engineering, fracture mechanics, material properties
Impact deformation properties of structural materials (high-speed deformation mechanisms of metals and nonmetals), impact damage to high polymer composites (locating damage spots with ultrasonic flaw detection)

Suguru Takashima

Control engineering, robotics engineering
Research into gymnastic robots (horizontal bars, trampoline); research into robots that play wind instruments autonomously

Hoshio Tsujita

Computational fluid engineering, fluid machinery
Using model channel flows to illuminate the mechanisms that generate damage to the flow inside turbo machinery, elucidation of flows inside high load turbine lattices, numerical analysis of flows inside centrifugal compressor impellers

Shigeru Hayashi

Reactive fluid dynamics
Research into environment-related technologies for jet engines, particularly to reduce engine exhaust; research into the atomization of liquids; measuring aerosol flow and reaction fields

Gaku Minorikawa

Acoustical engineering, fluid engineering
Damping the sound of small fans and improving their sound, improving silencer performance, developing ultra-small turbo-machinery, micromachining research, etc.

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