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Major in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Master's Course

Subject Credit
Circuit Engineering (I) /(II) 2 each
Electromagnetic-Wave Communications (I) /(II) 2 each
Electromagnetic-Wave Transmission Engineering (I) /(II) 2 each
Applied Electromagnetics 2
Electromagnet Dynamics 2
Semiconductor Devices (I) /(II) 2 each
Electronic Materials Engineering(I) /(II) 2 each
Solid State Physical Electronics (I) /(II) 2 each
Data Engineering : Current Topics 2
Intelligent Robotics 2
Intelligent Control 2
Large Scale Integrated Circuit Engineering (I) /(II) 2 each
Semiconductor Electronics 2
Advanced Processes in Semiconductor Materials Technology (I) /(II) 2 each
Ion Beam Technology 2
Power System Engineering (I) /(II) 2 each
Magnetics 2
Power Electronics 2
Quantum Technology for Materials Science (I) /(II) 2 each
Control System Engineering(I) /(II) 2 each
Information Transmission Engineering (I) /(II) 2 each
Applied Mathematics 2
Computer Graphics 2
Telecommunication Equipment Engineering (I) /(II) 2 each
Integrated Optoelectronics 2
Computer Architecture 2
Operating Systems 2
Advanced Semiconductor Devices for Microware Engineering 2
Intelligent System Technology 2
Simulation Methods for Robotics 2
Mathematical Programming 2
Nano Material Science 2
Micro/Nano Systems 2
Advanced Topics on Machine Learning 2
Semiconductor Devices in Opto-Electronics (I) /(II) 2 each
Advanced Topics on Electrochemical Energy 2
Human Sensing Electronics 2
Multimedia Communications 2
Information and Communications 2
Liquid Crystal Display Engineering 2
Organic Electronics 2
Electronic Materials Processing 2
Seminar on Electrical and Electronics Engineering 6
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratory 4

Doctoral Course

Subject Credit
Advanced Seminar on Circuit Engineering 9
Advanced Circuit Engineering Laboratory 6
Advanced Seminar for Communications Engineering 9
Advanced Laboratory for Communications Engineering 6
Advanced Seminar on Semiconductor Devices Technology 9
Advanced Semiconductor Devices Technology Laboratory 6
Adovanced Seminar for Electronic Materials Engineering 9
Advanced Electronic Materials Engineering Laboratory 6
Advanced Seminar on Solid State Physical Electronics 9
Advanced Solid State Physical Electronics 6
Advanced Seminar on Information Transmission Engineering 9
Advanced Information Transmission Engineering Laboratory 6
Advanced Seminar on Intelligent Robotics 9
Advanced Intelligent Robotics Laboratory 6
Advanced Seminar on Energy Conversion Engineering 9
Advanced Energy Conversion Engineering Laboratory 6

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