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Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Major in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Major in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Kazuo Kuriyama

Electronic physics engineering
Modifying the electrical characteristics of compound semiconductors with neutrons and ion beams, with a focus on the dimensionality controls of conduction mechanisms and wide bandgap semiconductors’ crystal growth and optical properties; evaluating crystallinity with ion channeling techniques; assessing surface atom arrays and electronic structures with scanning tunneling microscopes and atomic force microscopy; developing technologies to implant ultra-thin, rechargeable lithium batteries on silicone substrates

Toshimichi Saito

Nonlinear circuits, neural networks, swarm intelligence, power electronics
Nonlinear circuits; neural networks; swarm intelligence; power electronics; analysis of signal processing applications and the behavior of spiking neural networks; phenomenon analysis and behavior optimization of renewable energy supply circuits; synthesizing reconfigurable, multifunctional digital circuits; developing and applying optimizing algorithms for self-organizing particle arrays; synthesizing chaos generator circuits and analyzing bifurcation phenomena; basic research into highly precise analog-digital conversion circuits

Yoshifuru Saito

Computational electromagnetics, visualized data processing, graphical computational mechanics
Research into data mining by means of electromagnetic field visualization technologies and machine cognition applications

Hisamatsu Nakano

Electromagnetic radiation communications engineering
Wave motion analysis, analyzing in vivo electromagnetic fields, developing left-handed materials, developing antennas for radio astronomy

Toru Nakamura

Integrated circuit engineering, semiconductor engineering
Semiconductor device refinement technologies, wide bandgap semiconductor processing technologies, GaN and SiC wide bandgap semiconductors, high-speed and high-power devices

Takao Miura

Data engineering
Database theory, data mining, machine learning, knowledge acquisition and knowledge processing

Akira Yasuda

Electronic circuit engineering, control engineering
Research into basic and applied technologies for clustering communications, data processing, interfaces, and other functions on semiconductors; research into basic technologies of digital direct drive method for actuators, such as speakers and motors, as well as packaging technologies using semiconductors

Junji Yamauchi

Communication transmission engineering, electromagnetic wave transmission engineering
Optical transmission engineering, developing sub-wavelength optical elements, surface wave transmission element applications

Yasuhiro Yamamoto

Electronic materials engineering, beam applications engineering
Developing formative technologies for thin-film semiconductor and dielectric materials to create devices with new functions

Kazuyuki Ito

Associate professor
Perceptual information processing and intelligent robotics, intelligent mechanics and mechanical systems, systems engineering
Research related to generalizations in reinforcement learning, developing rescue robots with operability taken into account, ecological psychology applications in autonomous robots

Jun Shibayama

Associate professor
Functional element engineering
Terahertz devices, development of sensor devices, highly efficient finite difference time domain method

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