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Major in Frontier Bioscience
(Master’s Program, Doctoral Program)

“Fusing science and engineering to develop a 21st-century biological science”

Thanks to the understanding we now have of the full genome structures of various living organisms—including human beings—the field of biology is now entering a new age in which our dreams for the future of science and technology have long resided. Starting with connections to fields like medicine, pharmacology, and agriculture, researchers are beginning to pursue connections with engineering. Given this, we are ensuring that graduates have the creative talents and independent thinking skills needed to identify their own research topics and pursue their own research activities.
Students in this program will be entering a new field of bioscience characterized by the examination of cellular individuality and molecular individuality in microorganisms, plants, and animals. We are promoting education and research in six fields: genomes, proteins, cells, biological systems, basic clinical plant science, and practical clinical plant science.
The goal of this major is to cultivate advanced professionals and researchers with a broad perspective and academic background as well as reliable technical skills who can promote 21st-century bioscience research and make important contributions to society. We therefore offer students access to specialized knowledge that will serve as the foundation of their education, and strive to build on that foundation by equipping them with interdisciplinary knowledge and technical skills.

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