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Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Frontier Bioscience Field

Tomoyuki Kaneko

Biophysics, cell biology
Research on cellular communication, grouping effect and constructive buildup of artificial cells using synthetic lipid membrane vesicles

Ikuro Kawagishi

Molecular biology, biophysics
Elucidating bacilli’s environmental response sensor mechanisms for detecting stimuli and information transmission mechanisms of supramolecular systems, including sensors, at the molecular level

Takahide Kon

Biophysics, cell biology
Analysis of the molecular mechanism controlling cellular motion; unravel the secrets of the power-generating mechanism of bio-protein molecular motors

Tsutomu Sato

Molecular biology
Analyzing and researching cell division processes that occur in response to changes in prokaryotes’ environments at the molecular level, with the intention of elucidating an overall picture of genetic networks in cell differentiation

Antonio Tsuneshige

Biophysical chemistry, protein science, biomolecular spectroscopy
Thermodynamics of protein-protein interaction and protein-low molecule interaction, the structures of biopolymers and interrelated functions in macromolecule crowding environments, effects of hydration and solvents on proteins

Ayae Honda

Molecular virology
Correlation between influenza virus RNA polymerase’s structure and functions, biochemical and cell biological analyses of cells infected or uninfected by influenza viruses

Kaneyoshi Yamamoto

Molecular biology, genome biology
Research to comprehensively analyze bacteria’s diverse adaptation capability mechanisms in conjunction with environmental changes, primarily genome function expression networks

Naoki Mizusawa

Phototrophic biology
Research on the structure and functions of oxygen-generating type phototrophic device, the study of molecular level mechanisms related to the stabilization and assembly of phototrophic devices

Clinical Plant Science Field

Seiju Ishikawa

Plant clinical science
Develop diagnostic techniques for plant diseases and explore the development of eco-friendly original preventive and therapeutic techniques by collecting and evaluating useful microorganisms

Kenro Oshima

Medical science on plant genomes
Investigate the infectious mechanisms of pathogens by utilizing latest techniques including genome analysis and transcriptome analysis; construct a new molecular basis for protecting plants from diseases

Fujio Kadono

Botanical medicine, applied entomology, plant acarology
Devising new clinical botanical medicine systems by classifying the varieties of insects and mites that cause plant diseases, elucidating their ecologies, establishing control methods, and developing diagnostic technologies

Toshiyuki Nagata

Plant physiology
Elucidating cell proliferation mechanisms to better understand botanical medicine, and employing molecular cell biology to elucidate how such mechanisms relate to the formation of their morphologies and what kinds of effects environmental factors have

Takeshi Nishio

Botanical medicine
Developing diagnostic technologies for the filamentous fungi, bacilli, and viruses that cause plant diseases; developing measures to prevent the proliferation of pathogens as well as treatment technologies; research into the relationships between food production and the environment

Hiroshi Hamamoto

Plant pathology, botanical medicine
Devising basic plant pathogen diagnostic, treatment, and prevention technologies and developing advanced technologies; employing biotechnology to selectively breed resistance to plant pathogens

Toshio Sano

Associate professor
Plant nutrition and physiology
Research into the molecular mechanisms of metabolism and the way plants absorb mineral nutrients to develop diagnostic and preventive technologies for plant physiological disorders and useful crops in terms of functional food

Satoshi Kagiwada

Ecology of plant pathogens
Develop diagnostic techniques for plant diseases, establish an identifying method for microorganisms that carry pathogens of plant diseases; elucidate the molecular-level mechanism of microorganisms when they cause diseases in plants

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