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Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Science and Engineering Major in Applied Chemistry

Takaya Akashi

Inorganic materials chemistry, solid state electrochemistry
Improving the durability of solid oxide fuel cells, developing long-lived exhaust scrubber catalyst carriers

Takamasa Ishigaki

Inorganic synthetic chemistry
Synthesizing ceramic and metallic nanoparticles using plasma, ultrasound, and other chemical processes; dispersing nanoparticles to manufacture materials with optical, electronic, and magnetic properties

Shoichi Okochi

Environmental chemistry, water science
Development of body water production methods, development of artificial hot spring device

Hironori Ogata

Physical chemistry, mechanical properties chemistry
Development of highly functional nanomaterials with low environmental loads and related device applications; elucidating the properties of functional materials using various kinds of spectroscopy

Atsushi Kawachi

Typical organic element chemistry; organic metal chemistry
Synthesis of new compounds of typical organic elements, mainly of groups 1, 2, 13 and 14; development of reactions; onset of functions and utilization in synthetic organic chemistry

Kenji Sugiyama

Synthetic polymer chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry
Developing environmentally-responsive intelligent materials, and precise synthesis of new functionalized polymers with living polymerization

Kentaro Murano

Atmospheric environmental chemistry, acid rain
Elucidating air pollution mechanisms through chemical analyses of acid rain, and how materials circulate by measuring gases and particulates in the atmosphere

Akihiro Yamashita

Biochemical engineering
Design, production and evaluation of various artificial organs based on mass-transport phenomena; development of new drug delivery systems based on the membrane permeability theory

Kazuyuki Takai

Associate Professor
Condensed matter physic-chemistry
Development of environments and energy materials using interface interactions between π-conjugated materials and heteroelements, creation of next-generation magnetic substances and catalysts using light elements to control spatial gaps

Takamasa Mori

Associate Professor
Chemical engineering, powder technology
Control and evaluation of dispersed and cohesive states of nanoparticles in liquid; development of chemical-free technology for particle cohesion, separation and recovery

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