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Graduate School of Regional Policy and Design
Major in Regional Policy Design

Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Regional Policy and Design Major in Regional Policy Design

Nobutaka Ishiyama

Study of employment policy, management of human resources, support for career development
Research on the orientation of human resource management reflecting changes in employment, research on occupational capability relations and support of career development, research on intraorganizational expert human resources and cross-border capability development

Kenji Umetani

Director, Professor
Japanese economic theory, local economy theory
Japan’s economy, social restructuring

Yoshiyuki Okamoto

Enterprise theory, industry theory, regional economic theory
Comparative international corporation and industry research; research related to medium and small enterprises, industrial clusters, and support policies; community promotion; community development; research into commercial district revitalization

Hajime Kamiyama

Dean, Professor
Urban policy, urban planning, local town building, landscaping, hydrophilic engineering
Research on the impact of urban spaces (hydrophilic spaces, etc.) on surrounding urban environments; research on theory and practice of local town building

Kouji Sakamoto

Regional Economics, Revitalization of Mall Business, New Industrial Design, Theory of Small and Medium-sized Business, Program Seminar, Advanced Study of Business Management

Makiko Takao

Vice Dean, Professor
Quality of Life Policy, Populaion Economics and Social Security, Method of Investigation, Omnibus Lectures on Regional Revitalization, Program Seminar, Advanced Regional Society Policy

Kazukiyo Higuchi

Economics of consumption; studies of industrial policy and regional economy
Market economy and CSR, consumer policy, regional innovation system

Akio Makabe

Sociology of tourism, cultural sociology, sociology
Social impact of tourism, tourism and contemporary culture; tourism orientation and ethnic minorities in Asia

Toshiyuki Masubuchi

Economic geography, cultural economics
Tourism based on visiting locations related to specific novels, dramas, anime, etc.; regional brand creation based on such content; community promotion through arts and culture; preserving traditional performing arts

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