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Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Politics Major in Politics

Hiromasa Ichimura

History of ideas and social philosophy
Considerations of the changing quality of contemporary social culture

Mikiko Eto

Gender politics, the welfare state, policy processes
Comparative international research into women’s political representation, gender and civil society, the aging society and changes in the welfare state

Masatoshi Kimura

Political thought and international politics, post-Cold War Mideast politics, international political science, contemporary Mideast politics
Post-colonialism in the Mideast, formation of Mideast states and the creation of and changes in global political systems

Yasuko Kono

History of Japanese politics and diplomacy
Post-World War II Japanese diplomacy and the global environment

Atsushi Sugita

Political theory
Power theory, democracy theory

Sumiko Sekiguchi

History of Asian political ideas, gender theory
Examination of links between political changes through the Edo and Meiji periods and transitions in gender and sexuality as seen in East Asian and global contexts

Gen Tsukamoto

Contemporary Taiwanese politics, history of modern Chinese politics and diplomacy
Contemporary Taiwanese elections and China-Taiwan relations

Katsuro Nakano

U.S. political history and history of political thought
Political thought at the time of the country’s founding, post-World War II U.S. conservatism

Tamotsu Hosoi

Political systems theory
Examinations of political regimes from the dual aspects of systems and creeds

Nobumitsu Miyazaki

Local government policy theory and global politics theory
Local government administration systems, fire department administration, local government councils, local government policies

Jiro Yamaguchi

Political processes
Contemporary politics, parliamentary politics, partisan politics

Taku Yamamoto

History of welfare states centering on the UK, comparative discussion of welfare states
Formation, development and reorganization of the UK as a welfare state, international comparison of welfare states

Hiroshi Watanabe

History of Japanese political thought
The reflections, thoughts, and feelings of people who lived in Japan regarding politics, particularly during the Edo and Meiji periods

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