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Major in Global and Asian Politics

Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Politics Major in Global and Asian Politics

Yasuhito Asami

Comparative politics, political economics of development, Southeast Asia research
Political economy of Southeast Asia, labor problems of semi-developed countries, social welfare systems of Asian countries

Kazumi Goto

Development assistance policy theory, international cooperation theory, global governance
Global governance research related to international cooperation

Hoyon Kwon

Peacekeeping military studies
Japan’s defense policies, Japan’s external policies, Northeast Asian security issues

Nobuo Shimotomai

Russia and CIS politics, comparative politics, global political history, Cold War history
Cold War in East Asia and Russia

Chikako Taya

International human rights and humanitarian law
Current international terrorism trends and effective countermeasures (particularly legal theory related to criminal penalties)

Jun Hagitani

Contemporary German politics, mass media theory
German comparative research into Japanese politics and social systems, mass media and the formation of public opinion

Masaharu Hishida

Political sociology, contemporary China theory
Changes in the relations between society and the state in contemporary China, economic growth and political and social advances, Zhongnanhai research

Satoru Mori

U.S. foreign policy, global politics
Post-World War II relations between the United States and its allies, U.S.?led international order expansion and various issues related to its validity

Akiko Yuge

Peace building and development by the UN; study of international organizations
Peace building and development activities under the UN system

Toru Sakane

Associate professor
International public policy, UN research, public administration studies, etc.
International public policy, procurement administration under the UN system, international public administration, etc.

Madoka Fukuda

Associate Professor
International politics, Chinese diplomacy, China-Taiwan relations
History and analysis of the status of China-Taiwan relations, interactions between Chinese diplomacy and the international environment

John Perkins

Media and Politics, Environment and World Trade, Democracy and Human
Rights, factors of autonomy competence in learner motivation

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