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Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Law Major in Law

Hiroko Aratani

Commercial law, financial products transaction law
Research into various issues on financial products transaction laws, research related to the decision-making parties of joint stock companies

Tatsuji Ohno

Legal philosophy
Validity of laws, legal dynamics, local government, German law and nation-state philosophy

Tomoko Oyamada

British and American law
Comparison of Japan and the United States focusing on legal and regulatory systems related to medical care

Takayasu Kamiya

Corporation law, other commercial laws, financial products transaction law, trust law, law and economics
Directors’ responsibilities and internal controls, principle that prohibits profiting from insurance proceeds, and new insurance law, general average, fiduciary law and medical care and the law, history of mercantile law, jurisprudence education (university, classical), efficiency and equity

Yoshihiko Kawaguchi

History of Japan’s legal system
Japan’s modern land law system, overview of Japan’s modern legal history, relationship between the hamlet system and administrative villages

Yoko Kawamura

Civil code property law and contract law
Comparative study of pledge securing system under Japan’s Civil Code, centering on the system for compensation of damage arising from contract

Daitaro Kishii

Antimonopoly law, public utilities law, consumer law
Antimonopoly law and public utilities law; continuing research into the regulation of telecommunications and other companies in the public utilities sector

Mayumi Kurabe

Civil procedure law, bankruptcy law
Treatment of security interests in reorganizing-type bankruptcy proceedings, such as civil rehabilitation proceedings and corporate reorganizing proceedings

Sumimasa Sudo

Criminal code
Criminal violations that overlap with the civil and commercial codes, divestiture of criminal gains and restitution for criminal damages, shift from ex ante regulatory to ex post facto checks in society, and penal regulatory responses

Hiroko Tateishi

Relationship between constitution and treaties, the impact of the European human rights treaty on basic rights in France, identifying respect for individual rights with regard to the right to form a family and the right to life

Yasushi Tochikawa

Business law, corporate law, security law, settlement transaction law
Legal problems related to settlement transactions

Toshiyuki Tanaka

Criminal code
Adoption of international laws domestically and domestic laws internationally, forms of regulating corporate and economic crime, how to legislate and interpret administrative and criminal laws

Kosuke Nishida

Administrative law
Administrative planning, agreements between private individuals, land law, U.S. land use laws

Akira Hamamura

Labor law
Labor representative system, temporary staffing services law, labor contract law, etc.

Shigeru Fujimoto

Labor law
Equal employment opportunity law and labor contract law

Kenzo Miyamoto

Civil code
Contractual responsibility research, obligations to give thought to safety, violations of concomitant obligations and contract annulment

Akio Morita

International law
International controls, international maritime law, extraterritorial applications

Akimasa Yanagi

Commercial law, corporation law, financial products transaction law, settlement systems and the law
Areas in which corporation law and financial products transaction law overlap, settlement system regulatory system

Mikihiko Wada

Civil code (particularly family and inheritance law), history of civil law legislation, laws and genetics/bioengineering
Family law hermeneutics and legislation history, law and bioethics, law and genetics, law and evolutionary biology and evolutionary psychology

Aya Osawa

Associate professor
Civil code, consumer law, medical affairs law
The civil code’s significance in contemporary times from the perspective of its relationship with consumer law, theory of service providers’ responsibilities (physicians, architects, and so on), French contract and consumer law research

Masashi Takeo

Associate Professor
Intellectual property law
A historical and comparative study of the role the concept and system of prior use played in patent laws, specific development of legislative and interpretative implications to existing Japanese law that can be derived from the studies and the relevance between intellectual property right law and economic law (competition law)

Sayoko Tanaka

Associate Professor
International law
Emergency evacuation and the right to self-defense under international law

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