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Graduate School of Intercultural Communication
Major in Intercultural Communication

Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Intercultural Communication Major in Intercultural Communication

Kiyoshi Asakawa

Psychology, human development
Relationship between “flow,” said to be the optimal kind of experience, and spiritual health and well-being

Yumiko Imaizumi

International relations, history of international relations
Regarding the contemporary world’s various issues

Yoshiaki Oshima

Digital media processing, audio data processing
Contemplation of the computers and networks that serve as media and our means for intellectual activities and artistic expression, and various related issues

Kazuya Onaka

Political science, history of political thought (primarily contemporary and modern French)
Studies on European Union region politics, economics, and culture focusing on the relationships between public sphere and globalization and between youth culture and suburban riots

Minato Kawamura

Literary criticism, contemporary and modern Japanese literature research and Asian culture theory
Readings in contemporary Japanese literature, research from the point of writer’s view, exploration of the possibilities of linguistic expression in Japanese

Masaaki Kinugasa

Comparative literature, comparative culture
Comparative literature, comparative culture

Yosuke Kinoe

Human interfaces
Methodologies to achieve tool usability, real world-oriented computing, designing manmade artifacts and data spheres to enrich everyday life

Yoshinori Kumata

Text theory, cultural semiotics
Elucidation of the principles of cultural expression through theoretical examination of linguistic and nonlinguistic texts

Tetsuya Koshiishi

English studies, linguistics
English morphology, history of English, lexicography, contrastive linguistics, multiperspective studies of how the field centering on vocabulary interacts with other fields in English linguistics

Yukihiko Shigesada

Information science
Ubiquitous computing, distributed operating systems, user interfaces

Shisai So

Cultural anthropology, Chinese ethnology
Ethnicity of southern Chinese minorities, reconstructing the culture of overseas Chinese in Japan and their identities

Toshio Takayanagi

Contemporary and modern Korean history
Multifaceted depiction of the culture and history of Korean residents in Japan (in the broadest sense), examination of true images of the new generation of Korean residents in Japan, consideration of what Japanese society should be like

Narihisa Nakashima

Post-colonialism research, Asia-Pacific regionalism and identity
Culture theory, theories related to nationalism and ethnicity, colonial studies, development and culture, Indonesia research

Osamu Morimura

Contemporary philosophy, contemporary art philosophy, modern Japanese philosophy, applied ethics
Philosophical and ethical research related to nature and existence as well as illness and death; construction of phenomenological theories of the other based on the concept of “the other,” including the dead and departed souls; research into art activism

Keiko Yamane

Contemporary German literature, visual culture
Peculiarities and universalities of Japanese culture

Ian Hideo Levy

Japanese literature
Broadly interpreting the leading themes of the times by readings literary masterpieces from the post-World War II era to the present using a bilingual approach

Michiko Izumi

Associate Professor
Research into data distribution on the Internet
Issues concerning data distribution over the Internet—primarily focusing on actual space data used by ITS and mobile communications—and issues on the wider adoption of information technology and sociability

Motoe Sasaki

Associate professor
Historical science, gender research, intercultural contact theory, imperialism research
Relationship between historical awareness and gender and imperialistic nationalism in America at the turn of the 20th century, women’s and gender history in the United States and China

Chitose Sato

Associate professor
Twentieth-century Russian literature, literary theory, Russian (Soviet Union) cinema
Taking a fresh look at literary and cinematic texts and analyzing their diversity and multilayered structures from the standpoint that literature and movies are ways of expressing the inner worlds of human beings as well as tools for presenting ordinary and social criticism

Satoru Matsumoto

Associate professor
Development research, international cooperation, Southeast Asia regional research
Sociological analyses of various issues that arise from international cooperation, focusing on the entities (nations, international agencies, NGOs, and others) involved

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