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Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Humanities

The Graduate School of Humanities oversees the majors of Philosophy, Japanese Literature, English Literature, History, Geography, and Psychology, as well as the International Japanese Studies Institute.

Graduate School of Intercultural Communications

The Graduate School of Intercultural Communication oversees the Major in Intercultural Communication and conducts education and research concerning “international culture” as intercultural communication (the understanding and sharing of other cultures).

Graduate School of Economics

Making use of the Ichigaya and Tama campuses, the Graduate School of Economics conducts a diverse array of classes. In particular, night courses, attended by a large number of working adults, are held by the school in urban Ichigaya.

Graduate School of Law

The Graduate School of Law aims to develop the ability to analyze the diverse array of problems facing modern society from a legal perspective and produce optimum solutions using legally-based thought processes.

Graduate School of Politics

The Graduate School of Politics oversees two majors: the Major in Politics, which cultivates researchers seeking to study and resolve the various political issues facing the world today; and the Major in Global and Asian Politics, which aims to train highly specialized professionals who will flourish in global society.

Graduate School of Sociology

The Graduate School of Sociology oversees the Sociology Program and the Media Studies Program. The Sociology Program trains researchers who will grapple with a diverse array of social problems, while the Media Studies Program cultivates highly skilled professionals who will flourish in the field of media.

Graduate School of Business Administration

The Major in Business Administration oversees two courses, a day course and an evening course. The evening course in particular aims to train highly skilled professionals and includes five courses: Entrepreneur Training, International Management, Human Resources and Organizational Management, Marketing, and Accounting and Finance.

Graduate School of Social Well-being Studies

The Graduate School of Social Well-being Studies oversees three majors: the Major in Social Services (master’s course), the Major in Clinical Psychology (master’s course), and the Major in Social Services and Clinical Psychology (doctor’s course). 

Graduate School of Regional Policy Design

The Graduate School of Regional Policy Design overseas a curriculum created to develop advanced policy design abilities that will help revitalize Japan.

Graduate School of Public Policy and Social Governance

The Graduate School of Social Governance cultivates highly skilled professionals who will grapple with solutions to the various problems facing today’s rapidly changing civil society. The school oversees four courses: Public Management, Civil Society Governance, Environmental Management, and International Partnership.

Graduate School of Career Studies

Japan’s first graduate school created with the purpose of training highly skilled professionals specializing in careers. The Graduate School of Lifelong Learning and Career Studies provides programs in the field of education and development and the field of business.

Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences

The Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences trains human resources who will be able to create a new era through information technology alongside the development of the information society.

Graduate School of Engineering and Design

The Graduate School of Engineering and Design is comprised of three majors: the Major in Architecture, the Major in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and the Major in Engineering and Design.

Graduate School of Science and Engineering

The Graduate School of Science and Engineering is comprised of six majors: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Applied Informatics, Systems Engineering (System Control Track and Management Science Track), Applied Chemistry, and Frontier Bioscience (Frontier Bioscience Field and Botanical Medicine Field).

Professional Schools

Law School

One of Hosei University’s professional schools stressing practical education. The educational objective of the Law School is the cultivation of creative legal professionals who will lead in the 21st century.

Graduate School of Innovation and Management

A professional school that trains business professionals. The Business School of Innovation Management cultivates business innovators using a dense curriculum divided into fundamentals, specialization, and practical application.

Graduate School of Accountancy

A professional school dedicated to training outstanding accounting professionals. Featuring an array of excellent faculty, the Graduate School of Accountancy aims to cultivate certified public accountants able to flourish internationally.

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