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Major in Psychology

Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Humanities Major in Psychology

Keita Ochi

Criminal psychology, social psychology
Criminal psychology, particularly research into applications for psychology in criminal investigations

Satoru Shimamune

Behavioral analysis, industrial and organizational psychology
Performance management, instructional design, organizational behavior management and consumer behavior research

Toshiharu Takahashi

Psychophysiology, sleep science, clinical chronobiology, psychiatry
Changes in mental capacity to work and P300 waves in relation to jet lag and shift work, circadian rhythm sleep disorders

Keiichi Tajima

Phonetics, linguistics, psycholinguistics, cognitive science
Empirical research related to the perception, production, and acquisition of spoken language

Yuki Fukuda

Psycholinguistics, educational psychology
Reading comprehension models in terms of shallow processing, roles of linguistic activities in communication

Tetsuya Fujita

Cognitive psychology, educational psychology
Basic research into the cognitive mechanisms focusing on human memory and applied education research focusing on the links between motivation in learning situations and learning strategies are recent themes.

Hirokazu Yoshimura

Perceptual and cognitive psychology, psychological research techniques
Research into the process of adapting to changes in the visual world when wearing inverted eyeglasses or other experimental situations, psychological research techniques, research into movement in animation

Yayoi Watanabe

Developmental psychology, clinical developmental psychology, school counseling
Elucidating the developmental mechanisms for social awareness and morality, preventing bullying and other problems with human relations, developing and deploying psychology teaching programs

Hirokazu Arai

Associate Professor
Sports psychology
Enhancement of competitive ability through sports psychology (mental training, team Building); dissemination of lifelong sports through social marketing

Yoichi Hayashi

Health psychology, exercise physiology
Research on the relationship between physiological changes during physical activity, sensation and perception; research on psychological characteristics and physical activities concerning health maintenance, weight reduction and slimming

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