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Major in Philosophy
(Master’s Program [daytime and evening course], Doctoral Program)

“The world. Humanity. Truth. Posing more questions, from the origins to the cutting-edge of intellect”

This program has a group of classes that cover the major fields of Western philosophical thought, including ancient Greek philosophy, modern European (German, French, and English) philosophy, contemporary philosophy (such as hermeneutics, the philosophy of life, linguistic philosophy, and the philosophy of science), and the study of logic. It has also developed classes that are linked to the European Union’s (EU) Erasmus Mundus Program, an international research program for instructors and graduate students that certifies graduate schools in the EU and beyond to serve as centers for academic activity. Through its daytime and evening course system, the program ensures that graduate students are able to create a flexible academic plan that best suits their own research purposes.

Distinctive Features

The program employs 11 full-time instructors, and offers a structure that can accommodate the diverse academic interests of all of its students, including working adults, covering the basics of philosophy to the more cutting-edge philosophical questions. The program also has extensive connections with international exchange programs and overseas universities.

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