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Major in Philosophy

Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Humanities Major in Philosophy

Shin Abiko

French philosophy and the history of French thought
Research into Descartes, Pascal, Comte, Bergson

Yuki Ando

Mathematical logic
Studies of modal logic fundamentals and examinations of methods for handling modalities such as inevitability and possibility in logic systems from the dual aspects of semantics and syntax

Kazuo Okuda

Ancient Greek philosophy
Current continuing theme is Plato’s political philosophy

Kensuke Kasahara

Kantian philosophy, modern Western philosophy
Modern German philosophy, Kantian moral philosophy

Takeshi Sakai

Research into Georges Bataille, history of Gothic culture, Western art history
Research into Georges Bataille, art theory, western European art history

Tatsubumi Sugasawa

Kant’s ethics, modern Western thought
Modern German thought, Kantian moral philosophy

Koichi Nakagama

Philosophy of language, philosophy of science
Possibilities of modern metaphysics and perspectivism

Tsutomu Hoshino

Hermeneutics of cross-cultural understanding

Eiji Makino

Philosophy, ethics, and aesthetics
Critical reassessment of existing views regarding the relationship between transcendental idealism and hermeneutics from the standpoints of pluralism and fallibilism

Seiichi Yamaguchi

Modern German philosophy (particularly Hegel and Nietzsche)
Constructing phenomenological theories, explanatory introduction to “Preface” section of The Phenomenology of Spirit, editing of international edition of a catalogue of Japanese documents on Hegel, elucidation of nihilism in modern Japan

Atsushi Naito

Associate Professor
Philosophy of law
Research on human rights and the basis of the Constitution; research on human nature from the perspective of evolutionary psychology

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