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Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Humanities International Japanese Studies Institute

Shin Abiko

History of thought
European thought and modern Japan

Tsutomu Hoshino

Philosophy, ethics
Modern Japanese philosophy, comparative philosophy study, exegetics for understanding different cultures

Haru Hamanaka

Associate Professor
German literature, social representation
Modern and contemporary social representation

Masanori Odani

Language of the young, semantics, grammatical theory, cognitive linguistics

Dan Koakimoto

Japanese literature
Japanese medieval literature (including war chronicles, narrative literature and Otogizoshi), early modern publishing culture

Fumiko Kobayashi

Modern literature
Edo townsmen’s perception of Japan and the world as found in literature and pictorial art

Masaru Sakamoto

Ancient Japanese literature
Ancient Japanese literature research, with a focus on the Kojiki and Manyoshu

Masahiko Shimada

Creative writing, novel theory, literary history, post-World War II history, subculture
Japanology, comparative culture, genres of subculture

Steven G. Nelson

Japanese music historiography
History of music and classical entertainment arts, classical literary works and music

Takako Kawasaki

Theoretical linguistics (generative phonology, second-language acquisition theory)
Phonetic effects of phonological comparison, phonological acquisition in second language learners, etc.

Michi Shiina

Sociolinguistics, pragmatics, stylistics, discourse analysis

Akiko Takeuchi

Comparative culture, comparative dramatic arts
Comparative theater and culture with Japan as one of the axes of consideration

Masashi Oguchi

Comparative cultural study on ancient Japan and China, ancient and medieval history of Northern Japan
Comparative history of Ritsuryo law and land law in Japan and China; study of Ezo (northern Japan in the premodern and early modern eras), socioeconomic history of ancient Japan

Li Hsieh

Cultural anthropological studies of the Han community in China
Comparison of everyday life cultures in Chinese and Japanese societies

Munehiko Yaka

Economic thought, Okinawan cultural history
Modern capitalism, significance of trade in Adam Smith’s economic development theories, cultural and historical positioning of classical Okinawan music

Naoki Yoshinari

Geology, ethnology and folkloristics
Process of formation of the Ryukyu archipelago’s society and culture, and the archipelago’s trade with seafaring peoples

Tatsuya Ito

Geography, regional economies and societies
Water resources problem and environmental issues from Japan to East Asia

Shinobu Komeie

Historical geography of Japan, Japanese and Russian map history
Studies on Japan using visual historical materials, conservation of historical townscapes in Japan

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