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Major in Japanese Literature

Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Humanities Major in Japanese Literature

Mayumi Abe

Japanese medieval literature
Literature of diaries and chronicles

Masanori Odani

Semantic extension, grammaticalization, and syntax networks viewed in terms of cognitive linguistics

Masayoshi Kato

Ancient literature (latter era)
Heian era tales

Mamiko Kuroda

China’s Six Dynasties and Tang Dynasty literature
Research into Six Dynasty and Tang Dynasty poetry and novels

Dan Koakimoto

Medieval literature
War chronicles, publishing culture of early modern times

Fumiko Kobayashi

Modern literature
Research into the literature and culture of the mid-modern ages, with a focus on Ota Nanpo and Edo kyoka (comic poetry)

Masaru Sakamoto

Ancient literature (early period)
Focus on The Kojiki and Manyoshu in Japanese ancient literature research

Steven G. Nelson

Japanese music historiography
Musical configuration of early liturgical texts (a type of chant written in Japanese characters in a style modeled after classical Chinese) and The Tale of the Heike, annual Heian era events and music, vocal music

Kei Nakazawa

Creative writing
Novel, criticism, and essay composition

Nobuaki Nakamaru

Modern and current Japanese literature
Research into Meiji and Taisho era authors and works

Koji Fujimura

Contemporary and modern Japanese literature
Research into post-World War II literature, contemporary authors that are carrying on the postwar literature tradition and their works

Atsushi Mamiya

Classical Japanese literature
Linguistic research into the Manyoshu, Omoro soshi, and other works

Keizo Miyamoto

Performing arts history
Noh historical research

Reiko Yamanaka

Noh research
Research into Noh works, performances, and translations of Noh chants

Takamitsu Ikai

Associate professor
Medieval Japanese literature (particularly Noh)
Classic Noh theater research (research into Noh plays and chant book)

Kazuo Tanaka

Associate Professor
Contemporary and modern literature, literary criticism
To identify characteristics of modern Japanese literature and define the terms of contemporary literature from there

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