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Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Humanities Major in History

Masashi Oguchi

Ancient Japanese history, comparative history of Japanese land laws, Ezo theory
Ancient Japanese socioeconomic history, comparative history of Chinese and Japanese administrative and criminal codes, ancient and medieval history of northern Japan, Dunhuang and Turfan studies

Tadashi Kano

Western history, Russian regional research
Contemporary and modern Russian history, particularly Russia’s democratization process

Atsuko Goto

Western history
Imperial Roman history and society, continuity and change of society and culture at the end of ancient times in the West

Hirosato Sawato

Modern Japanese history
Culture of local governance and riots, Mount Fuji worship, illustrated scrolls describing origins of shrines and temples, paleography, history of Kyoho reforms

Jun Nakamura

Ancient Western history
Politics and society in classical-age Athens

Junichi Nagai

Contemporary and modern Japanese history
Political leaders in contemporary and modern Japanese history, political processes related to establishment of regional government system in the Meiji state

Junichi Ogura

Associate Professor
Japanese archeology
Japanese archeology, particularly research into Yayoi era society in eastern Japan


Associate Professor
Chinese history; historical science based on physical materials
Archeology of the imperial palaces of the Han, Wei and Jin Northern and Southern dynasties or as viewed by Japanese envoys to the Tang dynasty

Norihiro OTSUKA

Medieval Japanese history
Research on Buddhism and foreign contact in medieval times

Masaru Saito

Ancient Chinese history
Research focused on Tang Dynasty society, ethnic groups, and culture

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