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Major in Geography

Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Humanities Major in Geography

Tatsuya Ito

Economic geography, resource and environmental research
Research into water resources, environmental issues, and regional economies and societies

Shinobu Komeie

Historical geography, research into Japan’s northern territories and Russian regions
Historical geography of Ezo and Hokkaido, research into cartographic history of Siberia and the Far East

Norihito Sato

Physical geography (climatology), New Zealand regional research
Research into the temporal and spatial distribution of natural phenomena related to atmospheric geography and atmospheric environments

Koichi Nakajima

Analytical chemistry
Photo-molecular interactions

Hideaki Maemoku

Physical geography, geomorphology, quaternary research
Geomorphological and geological research on tectonic and environmental changes

Satoshi Yoshida

Nuclear physics
Research into atomic nuclei via the mean-field theory

Takeaki Kohara

Urban geography, urban development
Spatial and social significance of urban development, urban formation and transformation from the viewpoint of land ownership

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