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Major in English Literature
(Master’s Program [daytime and evening course], Doctoral Program)

“Developing better researchers, English instructors, and working professionals with specialized training in linguistics and literature”

By offering specialized education in American and English literature and theater, English-language studies, and linguistic science, this program aims to cultivate researchers who specialize in each field: English teachers who can utilize their knowledge of different fields, such as second-language acquisition and teaching foreign languages, and individuals who can use their academic and scientific training to play any of a wide range of roles in society. The rich array of courses is conducted in small groups with a flexible class structure that can be molded to the needs of participants. Students can also take classes in relevant fields that are offered by other graduate schools and programs within Hosei University, as well as classes in this major offered by the affiliated graduate schools of other universities (11 schools as of 2012).

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