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Major in Civil and Environmental Engineering
(Master’s Program, Doctoral Program)

“Designing sustainable cities in Japan that maintain harmony with nature”

In recent years, infrastructural developments have progressed in Japan, and there have been major changes in the qualities that society is demanding of its engineers, even in fields related to its buildings. Engineers are being asked to address multifaceted issues, such as the preservation of the global environment; the development of cities that maintain harmony with nature and its ecosystems; and the construction of a recycling-oriented society. Thus, this program aims to cultivate individuals whose skills go beyond the conventional framework of skills needed for the mere creation of products to include a broad perspective and rich sensibilities that can be applied when designing cities befitting this new age and based on comprehensive design skills, which are key components of the Graduate School of Engineering and Design. Understanding the need to understand various problems at an advanced level and to offer solutions to those problems, we have created a well-balanced curriculum designed to produce engineers and researchers with advanced skills divided into three key fields: urban planning, environmental systems, and facility design.

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