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Major in Engineering and Design
(Master’s Program, Doctoral Program)

“Comprehensive studies in the creative design processes used to create products and systems”

This engineering-oriented graduate program is designed to create new concepts in the integration of design, engineering, and management. The program examines the creative processes involved in overall product manufacturing and system development, such as industrial product design and function, and strives to achieve comprehensive usability improvements from various perspectives. It also conducts research and education in fields that students can use to carve out their futures in a new age, such as product design, intelligent machines, simulation, and project management. This program strives not to produce researchers who are biased toward a single specialty, but to cultivate engineers and researchers who can adopt a multifaceted and bird’s-eye view of the issues that exist in today’s complex society. To produce graduates who will be able to meet the expectations of the times, the master’s program incorporates new educational methods, including project-based learning (PBL). We are striving to be an open graduate school by offering daytime and evening courses and by making efforts to educate working adults who have practical experiences in society so that they have the ability to become advanced professionals.

Distinctive Features

  1. Students can learn in an interdisciplinary environment that integrates topics related to design, engineering, and management.
  2. We utilize new teaching methods better suited to today’s complex world where usability improvements are needed.
  3. A team of instructors who have achieved research results in various fields, and who are still active in those fields, give lectures in which they can refer to real-world examples.
  4. Students can obtain interdisciplinary advice from various instructors in different research fields.
  5. Evening and weekend classes are offered to meet the needs of working adult students.


  1. Cultivate advanced, specialized engineers and researchers who can conduct comprehensive research from multiple perspectives on the creative processes involved in manufacturing products and developing systems
  2. Produce graduates capable of identifying new problems, formulating them into problems that require solutions, and presenting potential solutions
  3. Be an open graduate school by offering daytime and evening courses and weekend classes

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